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More than 1,000 cleaning businesses licensed

From 1 September 2014, resident cleaners deployed under new cleaning contracts to be paid wages based on the Progressive Wage Model Since the licensing regime for cleaning businesses came into effect on 1 April 2014, 1,001 cleaning businesses, with a total workforce of 52,000 cleaners (including 38,000 resident cleaners), have been licensed by the National Environment Agency (NEA). The majority of the cleaning sector comprises small businesses, with 50 or fewer cleaners. [Refer to Annex A for the breakdown of the cleaning workforce of licensed cleaning businesses]. Despite their relatively small size, these cleaning businesses have successfully met the licensing conditions, which include sending at least half of their cleaners for training and paying their cleaners progressive wages. To date, about 33,000 cleaners from licensed businesses have been trained, higher than the 50 per cent ...