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7 early adopters partner ULeap Enterprise to boost workforce capabilities through a closed door, private access for employees to learn bite-sized modules on the go

Launched today, ULeap Enterprise is part of the second phase pilot of ULeap, a mobile learning app by NTUC and e2i for working people to acquire new knowledge quickly through bite-sized short multimedia content.   1 May 2018, Tuesday - As part of the second phase pilot, ULeap will launch ‘ULeap Enterprise’ to bring bite-sized mobile learning to more working people, company by company. It will be a closed door, private access for the respective company’s employees with an aim to boost workforce capabilities. As companies embark on transforming their business in view of digital disruption and technological changes, re-skilling and up-skilling of their employees become integral in progressing forward. ULeap Enterprise addresses four key imminent challenges faced by enterprises today – (i) releasing workers to attend both in-house and external training; (ii) the rate at w ...