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Applying for a job is as easy as learning ABC

NTUC’s e2i pilots new hands-on mobile job search workshop and job search kiosk for non-PMETs to help them acquire digital skills for a faster and more effective job match 25 April 2019, Wednesday - Over the years, job search modes have evolved and looking for a new job has gone beyond traditional methods such as going through newspapers and attending job fairs. Presently, many hiring employers put up advertisements online and through job portals to look for suitable candidates. However, some job seekers still have limited awareness or access to the Internet and/or may not be digitally savvy enough to use their phone or mobile devices to search for jobs. This is especially more prevalent among the mature non-Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (non-PMETs) worker group. To assist non-executive job seekers who may not be digitally adept, the National Trades Uni ...