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“Mid-Career Switch...In My 50s”

“Mid-Career Switch…In My 50s”

Mid-career switches: while some voluntarily make this decision, others find themselves without a choice. 58-year-old Mark Kuah shares the ups and downs of his career journey and how he bounced back from setbacks. During the early years of his career in 1994, Mark learnt of power shortage issues in Cambodia. He leapt at the opportunity to set up a company there, supplying electricity to households and businesses. “The first few years were good and I made some money. In 1997, there was political unrest and I saw my business decline,” Mark shared during the interview. He continued struggling before he finally gave up his business in 2003, to join a French mechanical and electrical contractor as their service manager. In 2015, Mark was unfortunately retrenched after working for the French company in middle management for 13 years. The company was sold to another owner and majo ...