4 Effective Ways to Motivate Millennials

4 Effective Ways to Motivate Millennials

There are several common misconceptions about how to motivate Millennials at the workplace. This is mainly due to the pronounced generational gap between the management who are mostly from the previous generation and the staff who are rapidly comprising of the millennial generation. The millennial generation are unique and different from generations before them as they have easy access to information and are a lot more tech savvy as compared to the Gen X. They generally display more optimism, independence and social skills. Knowing how to play to these strengths are paramount for any manager. Here are 4 ways management can motivate Millennials.

  1. Provide Semi Autonomy

Unlike previous generations, Millennials do not prefer to be hand held by the management. This is because they value choice and independence and see it as a sign of trust put in them by the organisation. Instead of micro-managing, the management can set milestones or organise ‘feedback sessions’ where they can get the team together for a progress update on assigned tasks and guide them from there.

  1. Give them Purpose And Be Prepared to Answer Their ‘Why’

Millennials often question the purpose of an assigned task as opposed to previous generations who normally accept said task. Motivate the millenials by showing them the big picture and the end goal that the team seeks to achieve. Highlight to them how their task will contribute towards achieving the intended goal. This practice will make them feel valued and appreciated by the organisation.

  1. Offer Flexibility

Work-life balance is one of the most critical aspects of employee retention among millennials. As they are exposed to technology from an early age, members of this generation often find it arbitrary of having to sit at their desk to perform their job when they can offer as much productivity at a location of their choice.  In a recent survey, researchers found that employees were often willing to sacrifice their pay for the ability to work from anywhere and increased vacation. By offering more leverage, employers would be able to better retain quality staff while promoting a more balanced and flexible work environment.

  1. Invest  in Education and Professional Development

In a recent survey by professional recruiting company, over 60% of recent graduates preferred to work for a company that make employees’ growth and development as one of their top professional priorities. By providing opportunities to grow, companies will cultivate better skilled employees who may be more loyal due to the trust and investment spent on them.