5 Sensible Work-Life Balance Hacks

5 Sensible Work-Life Balance Hacks

Attaining work-life balance can be a tricky and lopsided affair for the most part, but achieving it isn’t impossible. Here are 5 ways that can help.

Set a ‘Me’ time for yourself every single week

Whether it’s serving the community or spending quality time with your friends and family, this fixed ‘Me’ time slot provides an opportunity for you to take a breather outside your work life. Some tips: Take up a relevant book for your season of life, go for a jog or stroll in an open park, or watch a meaningful movie  - these times alone gives you ample space for self-reflection and puts proper perspective into life’s top priorities.

Leave work on Time

In this tech savvy era, our personal computers have also become a ‘workstation’ which can blur the lines between work and personal time.

Resist the urge to check your emails by turning off notifications once you leave the office or when you are out (unless it’s part of your job to do so). Most importantly, try your best to plan your tasks ahead daily so you reduce the chances of having to take your work home.

Pursue perfection but don’t forget the basics

Perfection in work is often desired but more importantly we should always ensure that we do not sacrifice too much just to achieve it. Remember that more than just being a working individual in your organisation, you are a team member working alongside other who are of different skill, abilities, and personalities.

Thus, it is important to stay united, by being accepting of different viewpoints, and sensitive when proposing changes to the ideas and efforts of your collagues.

As for yourself, don’t beat yourself up over small mistakes! Working within one’s strengths and learning from past mistakes is what defines personal growth at work.


Research has shown that exercise boosts energy levels, concentration and also helps to increase productivity. In a nutshell, a healthy, fit and exercising person is a more efficient worker. Definitely a win-win situation for all!

Don’t confuse URGENT with important

We are wired to think that everything urgent is important, but knowing the difference is crucial to work life balance. Prioritise your tasks and activities before starting the day or the night before so you don’t get burnt out of being caught off guard.

Ultimately, how you choose to achieve this balance is up to you but these little changes will go a long way towards helping you reach your goal. Baby steps now, good luck!