5 Ways To Stay Positive At Work

5 Ways To Stay Positive At Work

Have you met a single working adult who hasn’t worried about life? Probably not. As much as we would like to face our daily work environment with an all-positive attitude, most succumb to our human nature to WORRY. We worry about anything - our family, finances, our marriages, career, what our colleagues think about us, and the new boss. Prolonged worrying can take its toll on your mental and physical health, so the one main question we would constantly need to check with ourselves is, “Will my current worrying solve anything?”

Furthermore, we spend so many hours of our time each day in the office.  Whether its people or a situation, there are many uncontrollable factors surrounding us every day. American psychologist Albert Ellis, famous for developing rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), has proven that how people react to events is determined predominantly by their view of the events, not the events themselves.

So we have two options. We either live life like a hermit crab by running away from all approaching problems, or we choose each day how we will perceive, handle, and respond to all these factors. Here are some tips to encourage you in facing your daily work-life:

On Your Commute

If you have been rehearsing negative thoughts from yesterday’s workplace sagas, those thoughts must be dealt with before you start the new day at work. Listen to your favourite music, podcasts or audiobooks, or pick up your favourite novels or books to help set you in the right frame of mind before you head into work – and read or listen to edifying ones! This can help encourage you to start the day afresh by letting go of yesterday’s dealings, and broadens your perspective in your particular season of life.

While Working

Treat colleagues with a certain degree of fairness, consistency and as it would help boost morale and make work more efficient. By doing so, the chances are that you will receive the same amount of care and attention on work matters enabling you to work in a better work environment.

e2i Employability Coach, Ms Ong Shi Ning shares her advice on our attitude towards our colleagues, “It always pays to keep focused on the task at hand and remain objective in your dealings and communication with your colleagues. When you unnecessarily involve negative or suspicious emotions, people’s walls of defences naturally go up and this will begin a second-guessing game which will eventually sour your relationship with your colleagues. But if your words and actions constantly communicates to your colleagues that you are on the same side, and it is in your best interest to help them they will eventually lower their defences to work together with you!”

As the adage goes, ‘treat others the way you wish to be treated.’

Take a Break

It is particularly during moments you are being overwhelmed that you shouldn’t forget to take a break – even a short coffee break can make a big difference. Taking a break can help unclutter your mind and improve your attention span upon your return. Take a walk away from your table, and train your thoughts to be centred on what you are thankful for, be it your life, home, loved ones, colleagues, boss or organisation, rather than on how people ought to treat you, or what they owe you.

Keep Fit

Exercise can help reduce stress and bring up the dopamine levels in your brain, leaving you feeling good and refreshed. If you don’t have the time to hit the gym during your lunch breaks, do it before or after work. If you prefer not to gym, you can also consider jogging, taking up a sport or following a workout video on YouTube if you prefer to stay indoors.

Go for a Vacation

There is no better way to reduce stress than by rewarding yourself with a vacation. In fact, studies show that chronic stress and over-commitment to work have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and mortality. Spending time away from the office allows us to recharge and recuperate physically and mentally from a tangle of daily duties and issues. If an overseas vacation is not possible, you can always start with a staycation on our sunny island, or go on intentional outings with your loved ones. One last piece of advice: whether you’re out on your vacation, date or family outing, leave your emails and laptops at home!


Non-worriers are able to distance themselves from a situation in order to gain perspective. Perspective is what you need to have a healthy thought life. A healthy thought life leads to a positive attitude. And a positive attitude changes your behaviour towards situations and people around you. So start with tomorrow and choose each day how you will positively perceive, handle, and respond in life!