7 early adopters partner ULeap Enterprise to boost workforce capabilities through a closed door, private access for employees to learn bite-sized modules on the go

Launched today, ULeap Enterprise is part of the second phase pilot of ULeap, a mobile learning app by NTUC and e2i for working people to acquire new knowledge quickly through bite-sized short multimedia content.


  1. 1 May 2018, Tuesday - As part of the second phase pilot, ULeap will launch ‘ULeap Enterprise’ to bring bite-sized mobile learning to more working people, company by company. It will be a closed door, private access for the respective company’s employees with an aim to boost workforce capabilities. As companies embark on transforming their business in view of digital disruption and technological changes, re-skilling and up-skilling of their employees become integral in progressing forward.
  1. ULeap Enterprise addresses four key imminent challenges faced by enterprises today – (i) releasing workers to attend both in-house and external training; (ii) the rate at which knowledge can be acquired; (iii) limited in-house training capability; and (iv) curating suitable, just-in-time content to meet company’s transformation needs.
  1. Companies can take reference from the 23 sectoral Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) under the 6 Clusters1 and the SkillsFuture Skills Framework to charter the path ahead for their company and workers. With ULeap Enterprise, companies can tap on the Labour Movement’s training network comprising Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), U Associates, Professional Guilds, Trade Associations & Chambers (TACs) and Training Providers to curate and customise bite-sized modules for their workers on the ULeap platform.
  1. Employees can participate in crowdsourced learning, discussions and quizzes can be included to assess the competency acquired for the said topic. More working people can be impacted through ULeap Enterprise with content relevant for the work and career progression. 7 first movers on board ULeap Enterprise, impacting about 2,000 working people, include A & ONE Precision Engineering Pte Ltd, Amara Hotels & Resorts, Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding Pte Ltd, Feinmetall Singapore Pte Ltd, Gong Cha (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore and Republic Polytechnic.
  1. Mr Gilbert Tan, Chief Executive Officer of e2i said, “We are very excited to embark on ULeap Enterprise where we open a platform to support companies in customising training for their workers. ULeap Enterprise addresses the challenge of training time-strapped employees and the challenge of curating relevant content quickly to address rapid changes on the ground. More than ever before, learning has to evolve in today’s fast changing landscape so that workers’ skills and knowledge are constantly refreshed and are in-tune with changes that are happening in the industry.”
  1. Ms Lim Sock Siang, Human Resource Manager, A & ONE Precision Engineering Pte Ltd, said, “Information and technology are constantly and rapidly changing in the present fast-paced work environment.  Acquiring and applying up-to-date knowledge becomes essential to capture timely market changes and remain competitive.  However, the transfer knowledge and learning process is often constrained by time and resources.  With the launch of ULeap Enterprise and adoption of mobile technology, we believe that the learning cycle will be sped up.  ULeap helps workers engage in self-learning that is conveniently done at any place and any time. It helps organisation structure in-house programmes to impact our workers dynamically through learning and re-learning. On a broader context, it will benefit the industry and country as everyone is able to access other bite-sized content that is publicly available. ULeap is one very useful tool to encourage mobile learning for lifelong learning throughout our careers.”
  1. Ms Ivy Lau, Human Resource Director, Amara Hotels & Resorts said, 
“The need for easy access to training in a fast-paced work environment is important. With ULeap Enterprise, our workers are provided with a learning platform to learn anywhere, anytime and while on the move.”
  1. Mr Douglas Deboer, Chief Executive Officer, Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holdings Pte Ltd, said, “Elevating the service standards of our staff is important in staying relevant in the competitive F&B industry, where service level is as important as the quality of our food. To do so, staff needs to be engaged and trained. We believe that with the introduction of ULeap Enterprise, our staff can benefit from learning at their own pace, at their convenience.  We can be assured that there is consistency in the training content for our staff. This consistency of service practises can also potentially be expanded to benefit our franchisee and Joint Venture overseas.”
  1. Mr Kang Puay Seng, Chief Executive Officer, Gong Cha (Singapore) Pte Ltd, said “We are inspired to come on board the ULeap Enterprise initiative. It's an innovative platform to deliver a series of effective training programmes to our team and help them learn on the go. This innovative platform will strengthen our training programmes and our staff's skills. It will also enhance our progress to digitalize our operational processes. We are glad to have this opportunity to work with e2i on this.”

1 The 6 clusters are: Manufacturing, Built Environment, Trade and Connectivity, Essential Domestic Services, Modern Services, and Lifestyle.