NTUC and partners to offer training package for food delivery PMD riders

Delivery Rider Kit – Equipping riders with holistic skillsets covering safety, service, digital skills and mindset change

  1. 11 December 2020, Wednesday - NTUC’s U FSE (Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit), NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) and NTUC LearningHub (NTUC LHUB) have collaborated to develop a curated training programme to support food delivery Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) riders in their transition towards other transportation modes, such as power-assisted bicycles (PABs) for their delivery work.
  1. The training programme, named, “Delivery Rider Kit”,comprises five one-day courses covering topics related to safety, service, digital skills and mindset change. Riders can opt to go for all five courses or select the ones they want to attend. The kit is co-created by NTUC’s e2i, U FSE and NTUC LHUB, with the support of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and Workforce Singapore (WSG). This training programme was first announced on 15 November 2019 together with the U FSE Short-term Relief Fund which provided immediate relief to e- scooter delivery riders.
  1. The Delivery Rider Kit is being made available to food delivery PMD riders from all delivery platforms. A pilot was launched with GrabFood, and over 50 Grab riders have taken part in the pilot training programme since 25 November 2019.
  1. The Delivery Rider Kit comprises these modules:
    1. Starting My PAB Journey – Prepare riders for a changing work landscape
    2. Digital and Me – Raise awareness of current and emerging technology trends that can impact the work of delivery riders
    3. Service from Me – Teach riders how to engage customers in a positive way and win their trust and support
    4. Safe Riding on Pedal and Power-Assisted Bicycles – Teaches practical skills, rules and codes of conduct while riding on roads and other approved pathways
    5. Safety for All – Covers standard basic first-aid skills in handling incidents during duty
  1. Each course is a one-day event (7hours) and up to 90% of the course fees and training allowances are supported by SSG, WSG and NTUC. NTUC union members will receive additional funding support such that the course is complimentary. Delivery platform providers will also be coming on-board to co- fund part of the fees for their riders. GrabFood is the first delivery company on board this programme.
  1. The Delivery Rider Kit is expected to benefit over 2,000 riders over the next few months as they make the switch from PMDs to PABs. Riders can apply for the Delivery Rider Kit either through NTUC’s e2i or their relevant delivery platform providers.
  1. Ms Jean See, Acting Director of U FSE shared, “The U FSE Short-term Relief Fund was the first step in providing immediate support to delivery riders who are affected by the e-scooter ban.” Adding on, she stressed that “riders who go through proper training programme and equip themselves with the right knowledge and skills to do their jobs safely and professionally, will help boost longer-term efforts between U FSE’s rider community, food delivery companies, relevant authorities and training partners, improving public’s perception of riders and build the riders’ community as one that is professional and responsible, which can co-exist harmoniously with fellow path-and-road users.”
  1. Mr Gilbert Tan, CEO of NTUC’s e2i said “NTUC’s e2i has been providing career coaching services to food delivery riders affected by the PMD ban. There are riders who have chosen to stay in their current line of work and it is important for them to acquire skills that ensure safety on the job. The Delivery Rider Kit seeks to equip riders with important and useful know-hows such as road navigation safety, digital skills and customer service capabilities. Upon completion of training, besides better engagement with customers for quality service delivery, they will also know how to administer first aid should minor injuries occur to themselves or to others."
  1. Mr Kwek Kok Kwong, CEO of NTUC Learning Hub, said, “NTUC LearningHub is here to journey with workers as they adjust to a new industry environment. We are glad to partner with UFSE, e2i, SSG, WSG and Grab in this tripartite effort to provide support for the riders at this critical juncture. As change accelerates in industries, NTUC LearningHub stands ever ready to support workers in their change journey as their lifelong partner in learning.”