Advisory on Coronavirus Disease 2019

In a joint effort with Singaporeans to contain the coronavirus outbreak in Singapore, please note the following advisory and precautionary measures:


  1. Job seekers are encouraged to book an e-appointment for phone or video coaching and/or participate in e-career fairs.
  1. Should you attend our events or face-to-face career coaching sessions, please wear a mask and keep at least 1m apart from others.
  1. Individuals who are unwell, on Stay-Home Notice, or have recent travel history should NOT attend any events or face-to-face career coaching appointments. Individuals who are exhibiting symptoms such as cough, runny nose, fever and shortness of breath will NOT be allowed entry to our events or face-to-face career coaching appointments. This will also apply to individuals who had close contact with any persons placed on Leave of Absence or Quarantine Order.
  1. For Coaching Appointments

• If you have opted for a face-to-face appointment with a career coach, kindly keep at least 1m apart from others and wear a mask.

• Job seekers who are seeking employment assistance with e2i are encouraged to book an appointment in advance. Sessions will be conducted via video or voice call. Do note that the duration of the face-to-face appointment will take no more than 30 minutes.

  1. Temperature screening will be conducted onsite. All visitors will have to register and fill in a health & travel declaration form prior to entry into the career fairs, workshops or Career Services Centres.


We encourage everyone to be vigilant and observe good personal hygiene, including practising frequent hand washing with soap. Each of us needs to play our part to take care of our seniors and our community. With these added precautions in place, Singaporeans can continue staying active and healthy.