4 January 2019
The Way to Suit Up That Suits You Best – Fashion Advice for Working Millennials
How can millennials dress appropriately for the workplace while retaining their sense of individuality?
28 December 2018
7 Pieces of Advice to Teenagers (and My Former Teenage Self)
Looking back on my life and career, here are some things I’ve learnt about dreams, failure and endless worry.
19 December 2018
22, Married, and in Job No. 5 – My Life on Fast Forward
Why I dropped out of school at 17, joined the workforce at 18, and entered married life at 22.
12 December 2018
Meet the Millennial Who Lives Life to the Fullest on 30% Lung Capacity
My fulltime job is an enabler that gives me the capital to pursue passions and support causes I believe in.
10 December 2018
How to Work with Non-Millennials – 3 Things You Can Do to Bridge the Generation Gap
Lots of articles explain working with millennials, but how can millennials connect with older generations?
28 November 2018
Two Sides to Every Millennial: Totally Self-Centered, Yet Truly Socially Conscious
Call me contradictory – I am a profit-minded entrepreneur who strongly feels the need to give back to society.
21 November 2018
The Millennial’s Guide to Surviving the Five-Day Work Week
Work, work, work, work, work, work. You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work.
14 November 2018
How a Chance Encounter Led to a World of Opportunity for This Millennial Musician
I gave up a 4.9 GPA and changed schools to pursue music. Why the big switch? It began with a chance encounter.
5 November 2018
8 Lessons I’ve Learnt – Discovering the Challenges and Rewards of Nursing
I knew nursing would be physically and academically tough, but I didn’t know how it would mould my character.
6 June 2018
Where to Enjoy ‘Reely’ Delicious Hitsumabushi (Unagi Rice Bowl) in Singapore
Newly opened UYA 四代目菊川 serves up affordable and authentic Japanese traditional unagi cuisine, and is […]
24 May 2018
Inspiring! This mom returns to work after a 20-year hiatus
Nestled within an industrial area 10 minutes from Changi Airport lies a huge facility at […]
23 May 2018
“I Was Jobless but Not Hopeless”
Jobless but not hopeless: Louisa found help in a time of need and now opens […]
9 March 2018
Andre Foo: How I discovered my career interest
There has been a rising trend of professionals in Singapore who leave their corporate jobs […]
15 February 2018
Jobless for months: 6 Tips & Career Advice Gained
Are you facing a career transition or need career advice? Here are six steps you can take to cope in a period of unemployment, and job search tips to getting the right job for yourself. See advice from experts and the experience of someone who's been through it. Read to find out more!
30 November 2017
Kidzania Singapore: The Team Behind the Scenes…
“In a labour-intensive industry like ours, we have to embrace technology to achieve productivity gains […]
2 November 2017
Retrenched and unemployed for one year: lessons learnt
In 2016, 16,810 permanent employees in Singapore were retrenched. In addition to a bleak world […]
26 October 2017
Drone Piloting Skills are Hot in Demand
DRONE PILOTING –  a skill of the future has now become present for the common user. […]
19 September 2017
Fueling his interest with e2i and Stolthaven Singapore’s Place-and-Train programme
Thanks to a Place-and-Train Programme in his company, one individual is embarking on a rewarding […]
23 August 2017
Vocational Training Pays Off As Passenger Saves Others On Board
  Cadet on family holiday gives an account of his up-close experience on “Sea Prince” […]
17 August 2017
Race for Relevance
“In the age of technology, even hardware will change and advance very quickly. We have […]
1 August 2017
The Making of Iron Man Chef
Heman’s Tan multifarious interests and talents transformed him from a rebel into a model of […]
27 July 2017
Improving SME productivity with e2i: success story of Johong Hardware & Paints
The Labour Movement has been enabling a number of small- and medium-sized enterprises to improve […]
26 July 2017
Chef Edmund Toh: mentor to Singapore’s culinary champions
“We hope that this recognition will inspire more chefs to stay in the profession, do […]
25 July 2017
Early Childhood Sector Looking for More Educators in Singapore
Plans are underway to recruit 4,000 more professionals into the Early Childhood Care and Education […]
20 July 2017
Here’s Why You’d Want to Work for Singapore’s 10 Best Tech Companies in 2017
  Here are Singapore’s 10 Best Tech Companies to Work for in 2017: – Red Hat (overall […]
19 July 2017
A winning recipe for Montreux Patisserie Singapore
Montreux Patisserie puts all the right ingredients with the help of e2i’s Inclusive Growth Programme […]
15 July 2017
Staying Positive Through Challenges
The interview seems to be going well,” William* thought to himself as he sat across […]
6 July 2017
Advocating learning for professional growth
Every Singaporean’s favourite pastime – wining and dining – is taken to a whole new […]
19 June 2017
Glenn Vilppu: mastering the art of visual composition
Glenn Vilppu has taught drawing techniques for more than 50 years and is highly regarded […]
8 January 2017
Rising Star
“A creative is only known for the last work he did, and we must constantly […]
9 December 2016
Transitioning from full-time to freelance work: Freelance marketer Loh Yen-Lyng shares her story
Careervisor speaks to freelance marketer Loh Yen-Lyng about her transition from working full time to freelancing during a recent Coffee Talk session organised by Creatives At Work.
25 November 2016
Getting Back on Track with Some Help
NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) Employability Coaches do more than sort out your resumes. […]
10 October 2016
Chef Ming and the Craft of French Pastries
Sable tarts, choux pastries, verrines and chocolate petite gateaux make great desserts for fine dining […]
10 October 2016
Hotel ibis Styles Singapore On Macpherson innovates pool cleaning and bed-making tasks
Before Hotel ibis Styles at Macpherson opened its doors earlier in April this year, its […]
15 July 2016
Singapore Jobs: Working with Horses
We’re featuring some of Singapore’s unconventional jobs… working with horses. Nicola shares her experience about her job […]
11 July 2016
Tips for Singaporeans: First steps to helping yourself out of unemployment
Being unemployed for a long period of time can be devastating to a person’s sense […]
5 July 2016
5 Things to Do Before Applying for a Job Online
How can you ensure that your resume and job application will grant you a more successful online job hunt?
1 July 2016
“How I regained my courage and confidence in finding a job”
Meilan, Assistant Librarian at National Library Board (NLB) “Since I got married, I took on […]
31 May 2016
How to prepare yourself for a job interview
Whether you are job searching for the first time or looking for a career change, […]
14 May 2016
“9 months of being unemployed, but I did not give up”
SUSAN TAN Programme Analyst in a renowned bank I have been working as a secretary […]


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