3 March 2022

How A Beautician Successfully Reinvented Her Career

While some may stay comfortable in their current job role, Donna Lim decided to change […]
23 March 2021

Tim Ho Wan’s Mature Workers Benefit from Job Redesign and Digitalisation

Myth busted: Online solutions need not be a hindrance for mature workers. In fact, digital […]
27 February 2020

The Job-Hopping Fad: Why & How Employers Can Stop It

Lifelong employment is a thing of the past. Today’s employees are more likely to jump […]
23 May 2018

“I Was Jobless but Not Hopeless”

Jobless but not hopeless: Louisa found help in a time of need and now opens […]
9 March 2018

Andre Foo: How I discovered my career interest

There has been a rising trend of professionals in Singapore who leave their corporate jobs […]
15 February 2018

Jobless for months: 6 Tips & Career Advice Gained

Are you facing a career transition or need career advice? Here are six steps you can take to cope in a period of unemployment, and job search tips to getting the right job for yourself. See advice from experts and the experience of someone who's been through it. Read to find out more!


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