Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP)

The Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) is a fund managed by e2i that helps companies kick-start productivity projects, with companies in return sharing the productivity gains with their workers through higher wages.

Thank you for your interest in the Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP).
We regret to inform that applications for the programme has ceased on 29 February 2020.

If you wish to find out more about how e2i can support your business, please contact e2i here.


e2i helps businesses identify potential areas for improvements to benefit both businesses and workers, and offers grant support under IGP to help companies get started on the productivity initiatives.

The fundable components include:
• Automation & equipment cost
• Process re-engineering & job redesign
• Training for local workers

Capped at $1 million over two years per company, IGP can be used to fund:
• Up to 50% of productivity improvement costs
• Up to $300,000 per project




Many companies have tapped on IGP since e2i launched the programme in 2010. Here are some recent case studies:


Industry: Food & Beverage


Folks Collective

Food and beverage establishment Folks Collective wanted to improve their operational work flow to profit from higher business volume during peak hours at their central business district outlets. With support from IGP, the company invested in the following improvements to address their manpower crunch and operational inefficiencies:

  1. e-menu with self-ordering capability
  2. Point of sale system
  3. Workflow re-design

Business Benefits

  1. Manpower savings enjoyed at the front-of-house
  2. Diner orders are prepared and served more efficiently
  3. Service crew has more time to interact with diners to focus on delivering quality service

Workers Benefits

  1. Approximately 29 local low wage workers received wage increments

Industry: Pest Management



Pestbusters wanted to raise their workers' productivity and the company's ability to hire and retain more locals. With support from IGP, the company invested in the following improvements to address their manpower crunch and operational inefficiencies:

  1. Set up of a Operations Command Centre (OCC) to enable real-time virtual supervision and training for workers
  2. Jobs re-design
  3. On-the-job training for recruits

Business Benefits

  1. 99% faster in the time needed for PCOs to seek real-time assistance from their supervisors
  2. 100% increase in the number of new PCOs that each supervisor can coach at any one time
  3. Overall increase in the service quality offered by Pestbusters

Worker Benefits

  1. The supervisors and pest control officers’ jobs are easier, safer and smarter with the implementation of the OCC
  2. Workers have opportunities to upskill, take on greater work responsibility and advance in their careers
  3. Approximately 24 local low wage workers received wage increments.

Industry: Security


Concorde Security

Concorde Security wanted to improve their ability to attract, hire and retain security officers. With support from IGP, the company invested in the following:

  1. Implementation of the Innovative Security Guarding Solution (ISGS) to address their manpower crunch
  2. Jobs re-design

Business Benefits

  1. 20% manpower savings from eliminating traditional foot-patrol duties as a cluster of 5 - 6 buildings can now be remotely monitored simultaneously by a 3-man team
  2. Ability to offer 24/7 security service to clients with two-work shifts

Worker Benefits

  1. Security officer’s job is now more attractive to locals with the technological upgrade and job re-design which enable officers to have adequate rest in between shifts
  2. Approximately 10 local low wage workers received wage increments

Frequently Asked Questions On IGP

Who can apply for IGP support?
All businesses/societies/associations registered in Singapore and carrying out businesses/activities in Singapore may apply for IGP support.


What projects are eligible for IGP?
All productivity improvement projects that will share gains with local low-wage workers may apply for IGP funding support. Fundable projects include: Automation & equipment costs, process re-engineering and training costs directly associated with the productivity improvement projects.