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The Career Trial (previously known as Work Trial) Programme is part of the suite of career services offered by Workforce Singapore (WSG) and e2i to strengthen the employability of locals, through a short-term stint with an employer. This programme will help to address the concern most have, regarding whether job applicants and company are the ‘right fit’ for each other. The Career Trial Programme will thus help job seekers and employers get to know each other better before both parties sign on the dotted line.

As part of the Adapt and Grow initiative to help Singapore Citizens adapt to changing job demands and enhance their employability, Career Trial has been enhanced to allow employers and individuals, as well as Persons with Disabilities (PWD) to better assess job fit.

Application information

For individuals
To apply for Career Trial positions, please click here.

For employers
For new applications to be a Career Trial host company and Career Trial positions, employers will need to submit via the new application portal.


Claims information

Salary Support (SS)
Employers to submit SS claims for jobseekers who were approved to commence Career Trial prior to 1 May 2021, via WSG’s Feedback Portal.

Training Allowance (TA), Retention Incentive (RI) and Additional Retention Incentive (ARI)
Employers to login to Career Trial Portal to submit all TA, RI and ARI claims. Please refer to factsheet for detailed information of documentations required. 

For jobseekers who have submitted at least 1 TA claim prior to 19 July 2021, please complete the remaining claims via the manual claim form (Form B1) and submit to

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