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We have received an overwhelming response for the enhanced WLG. We are encouraged by companies’ commitment to continue work-from-home (WFH) and/or staggered hours beyond mandatory periods, during COVID-19. Supported through the enhanced WLG, companies will be in good stead with ready systems in place to sustain these arrangements throughout and even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. The enhanced Work-Life Grant will remain open for applications until 1 June 2020, as supplementary support during this circuit breaker period.

The current Work-Life Grant to support companies to offer other forms of Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) such as part-time and job-sharing will remain open.

We have received a much larger than usual number of applications for WLG. We ask for your patience as your applications are processed. Priority will be given to applications with complete set of documents on a first come first serve basis, and subject to the availability of funds allocated to the WLG scheme. Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee approval.

SMEs seeking further support to ensure business continuity, including digital solutions, training courses, and other government support to overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 situation, may refer to

Enhancements to Work-Life Grant (COVID-19)

  1. Given the COVID-19 situation, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) aims to encourage companies to offer/continue with work-from-home and staggered hours arrangements beyond periods when it is mandatory to do so. This enhanced criteria is thus only valid during periods where companies are not mandated to offer work-from-home and staggered hours arrangements (e.g. after period of circuit breaker measures).
  1. To expedite support, the criteria for Work-Life Grant (WLG) has been enhanced to make it easier and faster for companies.
  1. Companies will be eligible to receive the Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) Incentive if the employee (Singapore citizen or PR) adopts work-from-home arrangements daily for at least one month. If work-from-home cannot be practised, staggered hours work arrangements would also be eligible for FWA Incentive.
  1. Companies will be funded $2,000 per worker, for each worker on daily work-from-home and/or staggered hours arrangements for a month, capped at $70,000 per company. The fund can be used in any way the companies require to put in place work processes to implement work-from-home or staggered hours arrangements, including (but not limited to) costs for software/hardware.
  1. Both the current WLG and Enhanced WLG (for Covid-19) will run concurrently but companies are only able to apply for one version of the WLG FWA Incentive.
  1. Current WLG vs Enhanced WLG parameters:

Parameter CurrentWLG Criteria EnhancedWLG (Covid-19) Criteria

Duration of flexible work arrangements (FWAs) adopted

At least 12 times across 6 months

Daily adoption for 1 month

Type of FWA supported

All FWAs (includes part-time, job-sharing, compressed work week, time-banking, rotating shift/creative scheduling)

Work-from-home and/or staggered hours

FWA initiated by


Employer or Employee

Disbursement and period allowed to make claims

Two tranches, up to 2 years from Letter of Offer (LOO)

One tranche, up to 4 months from LOO

  1. Click the following links for Frequently-Asked Questions on the enhanced eligibility criteria during COVID-19:

    General FAQs (MOM website)

    Grant processing FAQs (e2i)

    Click here for more information on application and claim process.

    Click here for application form.

    Submit the application form and ACRA (dated with 6 months validity from the date of application) to

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