11 February 2019

What Millennials Want: 6 Ways to Make Us Happy at Work

Hint: There's no one-size-fits-all solution.
6 February 2019

This Millennial Entrepreneur Talks Startups and Raising the Next Generation of Changemakers

The future belongs to entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial.
30 January 2019

Millennials Take On Stereotypes and Reverse Ageism

Which stereotype gets them the most infuriated?
23 January 2019

A Conversation with Artist Siblings on the Highs and Lows of an Independent Career

They stepped into photography and illustration with no formal training, just lots of passion and grit.
18 January 2019

“The Worst Boss Ever”: 4 Millennial Tales of Horrible Bosses They Survived

Micromanaging, overfamiliar, negligent, cruel. The horror! The horror!
14 January 2019

This Millennial Co-founder Believes Design Should Improve Lives, Not Just Spaces

I knew early on that I wanted to design with purpose and not pursue the path of commercial architecture.
4 January 2019

The Way to Suit Up That Suits You Best – Fashion Advice for Working Millennials

How can millennials dress appropriately for the workplace while retaining their sense of individuality?
28 December 2018

7 Pieces of Advice to Teenagers (and My Former Teenage Self)

Looking back on my life and career, here are some things I’ve learnt about dreams, failure and endless worry.
19 December 2018

22, Married, and in Job No. 5 – My Life on Fast Forward

Why I dropped out of school at 17, joined the workforce at 18, and entered married life at 22.
12 December 2018

Meet the Millennial Who Lives Life to the Fullest on 30% Lung Capacity

My fulltime job is an enabler that gives me the capital to pursue passions and support causes I believe in.
10 December 2018

How to Work with Non-Millennials – 3 Things You Can Do to Bridge the Generation Gap

Lots of articles explain working with millennials, but how can millennials connect with older generations?
28 November 2018

Two Sides to Every Millennial: Totally Self-Centered, Yet Truly Socially Conscious

Call me contradictory – I am a profit-minded entrepreneur who strongly feels the need to give back to society.
21 November 2018

The Millennial’s Guide to Surviving the Five-Day Work Week

Work, work, work, work, work, work. You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work.
14 November 2018

How a Chance Encounter Led to a World of Opportunity for This Millennial Musician

I gave up a 4.9 GPA and changed schools to pursue music. Why the big switch? It began with a chance encounter.
5 November 2018

8 Lessons I’ve Learnt – Discovering the Challenges and Rewards of Nursing

I knew nursing would be physically and academically tough, but I didn’t know how it would mould my character.