Cloud computing skills will power a future ready Singapore workforce

NTUC LearningHub, e2i, and Amazon Web Services collaborate to train and reskill 20,000 Singaporeans to build cloud computing capabilities.

  1. 25 May 2018, Friday - Cloud computing was identified as a key technology transforming the digital landscape across sectors, according to a pilot study conducted on the Info Communication Industry (ICT) sector by the National Trades Union Congress’s (NTUC) Future Jobs, Skills and Training (FJST) unit in 2017. In the study, 30 participating employers also shared that cloud computing and solution development skills were emerging in-demand skills in the ICT sector.
  1. To help address the demand for cloud computing and solution development skills in the market, NTUC LearningHub (LHUB) approached Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, and NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), to develop a programme to raise cloud computing literacy among working Singaporean adults, and to build competencies among those who require deeper cloud-related knowledge and skills.

Phased Approach

  1. LHUB is tapping on content and expertise provided by AWS Educate, a global programme that provides a robust set of learning resources and AWS Promotional Credits for trainees and trainers to acquire the latest cloud computing skills. Trainers and learning institutions can incorporate cutting-edge cloud technology and open source content into their teaching curriculum and provide students with hands-on experience using AWS Promotional Credits.
  1. LHUB has integrated AWS Educate content into its existing Skillsfuture for Digital Workplace (SFDW) two-day training course. LHUB is one of the appointed training providers by Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG) to deliver courses under the SFDW programme and has trained more than 3,000 Singaporeans since October 2017. LHUB intends to train up to 20,000 more by end 2019 alone.
  1. LHUB has also developed two new short courses, on Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing, using resources from AWS Educate. Together with e2i, these courses will be offered up to 120 training places each to individuals or companies, especially small medium enterprise (SMEs), in the initial phase. The courses are “Fundamentals of Internet of Things” and “Fundamentals of Cloud Computing” and will subsequently be offered as WSQ (Workforce Skills Qualifications) funded courses.
  1. LHUB Chief Executive Officer Mr Kwek Kok Kwong said, “LHUB is constantly working with best-in-class industry leaders, like Amazon Web Services, to hone the future skillsets and employability of our Singaporean workforce. I am particularly excited about this collaboration as it will boost the digital literacy of our workforce into the realm of cloud literacy and competencies. Cloud introduces many new possibilities that were not previously possible for smaller enterprises, and because of that, there will be many new jobs and progression opportunities associated with the cloud domain. We have seen good take up rate of our SkillsFuture For Digital Workplace (SFDW) and ICT courses, and this is the next step as we further enhance this course offering and build new workforce skills in our nation”.
  1. “With fast growing demand for a cloud-skilled workforce from businesses across all sizes and public sector organizations, the AWS Educate programme provides NTUC LearningHub the critical tools and advanced technologies to help Singaporeans develop highly sought-after cloud computing skills, while making the learning experience more relevant and practical,” said Vincent Quah, Asia Pacific and Japan Regional Head of Education, Research, Healthcare and Not-For-Profit
    Organizations, Amazon Web Services. “We are pleased to collaborate with NTUC LearningHub in helping Singapore bridge the technology skills gap and provide Singaporeans with opportunities to learn vital digital skills with AWS Cloud services”.
  1. “As much as digitalisation brings about challenges, it also generates growth opportunities for industries and creates new and transformed jobs. With ICT as one of the six critical growth sectors identified by FJST this collaboration is timely to leverage opportunities created by the booming ICT sector, groom more local ICT talents to take on these jobs and support the Labour Movement’s efforts to effect transformation. Together with our Labour Movement partners, FJST will continue to take a targeted approach to more keenly identify working people in at-risk jobs, upskill and place them in in-demand jobs in the sector.” said Patrick Tay, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General and Director of FJST.
  1. "As Singapore undergoes digital transformation and as more companies adopt solutions such as cloud technology and IoT, we need to prepare our workers so that they are ready to take on new jobs or enter new growth areas with relevant skills. This is crucial as Singapore gears toward Smart Nation and for SMEs to adopt tech solutions that give them a competitive edge. Mastering relevant digital skillsets such as cloud competency and IoT will enable our workers to be employable in the job market, and ultimately gear toward a digitally ready workforce.” said Mr Gilbert Tan, Chief Executive Officer of e2i.