Dear HR: 4 Telltale Signs You Are Hiring the Right Way

Dear HR: 4 Telltale Signs You Are Hiring the Right Way

In this series, it’s all about the employers!

Hiring the right employee can be a daunting task for even the most experienced recruiter. This is due to the tricky act of satisfying the needs of the organisation and the individual.


Do your research!

Candidates are often urged to learn about the background of the company they have applied to as it is often regarded as a sign of interest in joining the said company. In this regard, the employer should also do a background check on the candidate.

While a candidate may look good on paper and impress in the interview, having a brief chat with his ex-employers/references, or doing an online search to find out more about him can often paint a clearer picture of his potential capabilities.

Show them why it’s great to work for you

Quality candidates often require more monetary investments. That’s a fact. However, strong non-monetary reasons also have the potential to sway their decision.

It can be anything from how great the company holidays or benefits are, to the noble and charitable causes that the company fights for. If these benefits are fun or matches the candidate’s interests, they might hold a higher value for your company.

Ask the Right Questions

Most recruiters agree that interviewing and meeting new people can often be fun! However, it’s important to ask the right questions to find out more about the candidate and if he is a good fit for the company.

Create open-ended questions to encourage the candidate to talk more about themselves and guide them along. Also make sure that that the interview stays on topic because it is easy to get off track sometimes.

Will they really fit in?

The candidate may have all the experiences, and is asking for the right monetary package. However, an often ignored aspect of the process is his or her potential to fit within the company’s culture. As each company holds its different working culture and values, it will also be important to consider how suitable it is to their potential candidates.

For example, a company culture which strongly encourages team-work will not be the best fit for a candidate who prefers working alone.

While what we have pointed out in this series are just fundamental guidelines to hiring right, following them closely will surely make your job as a recruiter much easier.

Recognising Diversity

As Singapore's workforce has grown to become more diverse, it will continue to be so characterised by multi-generations, gender and cultural differences. Therefore, recognising and valuing diversity of your candidates when hiring is key as a competitive advantage.

Foo May Ling, career coach at e2i, explains that HR practitioners should not practice any form of discrimination in the recruitment process and should instead focus on skills, experience or ability to the candidate's ability to perform the job.

"They should use competency based interviews as part of the selection process, as it can give valuable insights into an individual's preferred style of working and help predict behaviours in future workplace. The ability to build Inclusiveness in the workplace is central to assimilating the diverse talent who work, live and play together," she adds.


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