Want to improve your business operations?

The Inclusive Growth Programme can:

Help you be more productive.
Help your workers be better skilled.

How can the Inclusive Growth Programme help you?
1) Enhance your business operations to drive higher productivity
  • Automate processes
  • Re-engineer processes and re-design workflows
2) Equip your workers with the skills to boost efficiency
  • Acquire new skills, upgrade skills and be multi-skilled
  • Share the gains of growth with workers
What projects can qualify for funding?
We can help you to identify areas that have potential for improvements.
To receive up to 50% funding, the project must meet the requirements of benefiting both your operations and workers.
What do you need to do next?
The Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) was launched by the Labour Movement in 2010 to catalyse industry re-development, promote inclusive growth and to ensure sharing of productivity gains with workers through higher wages.
Tap on the $100 million Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) which provides companies with funding to drive productivity improvements.

e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) administers the IGP to help you advance your business operations and promote inclusive growth for your workers.

Find out more about how companies have benefited了解企业如何通过提高生产力让业务增长, 并与员工分享成果

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