e2i as an enabler

Helping workers become better workers, Helping companies to create better jobs

The National Trades Union Congress’ (NTUC) e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) aims to help more workers to attain better skills and good jobs; and offer employers the expertise to help re-design and create higher value jobs through its role as an enabler.

As an enabler between the Government, employers, training providers and the workers, e2i will coordinate and develop structured training programmes and career pathways to build a Singaporean core across different industries.

e2i will help employers to develop and coordinate training and programmes, connecting trained and potential hires to them, as well as to provide the link with Government agencies to access funding support for training and productivity projects.

For workers, e2i as an enabler, can offer career coaching to help them have a better understanding of the work in different industries and corresponding career pathways, and have access to a wide spread of quality training programmes based on industry needs and demands. They also can be connected with employers who are looking to hire workers through job matching services or Place-and-Train programmes.

There are existing tools and support in place to help workers to be better workers, and to help companies to create better jobs. However, it is important that there is someone to guide them in the right direction to access such resources.

Over the years, e2i has built close relationships and networks with many partners, and this enables the organisation to deepen and spread its efforts to reach out to the existing workforce, new job entrants, retrenched workers and career switchers. e2i will also continue to work alongside employers, the unions and training providers to push for more structured career progression pathways across different industries and inculcate the importance of lifelong learning and skills upgrading and deepening of competencies amongst the workers.

Mr Gilbert Tan, Chief Executive Officer of e2i said, “e2i works closely with our industry partners to identify and understand the needs of both workers and employers. Being close to the ground and responsive, we are in a good position to pull together different initiatives to package solutions and help address the industry needs and provide opportunities to develop and grow the Singapore workforce.”

The month-long annual Employability Fair 2015 is one example whereby e2i brings together workers, training providers and employers onto a common platform for exchange of skills and productivity solutions. Into its third year, the Employability Fair will feature some 100 events, 500 employers and 5,000 vacancies. In addition to the events organised by e2i; namely Career Fairs, Training Fairs and Networking/Seminar sessions, tenants located within the Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability will be participating for the first time with their respective training workshops. PMEs working near or within the Jurong East district can make use of their lunch time to attend useful sharing sessions like ‘3 strategies to Be Happier at Work by SeraphCorp’, ‘The Art of Face Reading by Kaplan’, ‘Personal Branding & Professional Image by DSI Academy’ to name a few.

The first event on the Employability Fair’s calendar, IN-Tune, is a joint collaboration between e2i and SeraphCorp. This event serves as a platform for SMEs to network, share ideas and discuss SME related issues. At the inaugural event today, three business owners gave a sharing about their personal journey to success and offered business tips for aspiring SME leaders.
10. There was also an unveiling of the Employability Pledge today by worker, employer and training provider representatives and witnessed by Special Guest, Minister of Manpower, Mr Lim Swee Say and e2i’s CEO. The structure will remain in the campus for the rest of the year and serves to symbolise the commitment and important role played by everyone in helping workers become better workers and companies to create better jobs.

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