e2i and Temasek Polytechnic collaborate to grow and boost employability of students to prepare the local workforce to be Future Ready

The National Trades Union Congress’ (NTUC) e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Temasek Polytechnic (TP) today for a period of three years to give Education and Career Guidance (ECG) efforts an extra boost which will benefit the polytechnic’s students and graduates. e2i and TP will facilitate collaborations between both organisations and develop new initiatives for the polytechnic students and graduates to enhance their employability.

Under the MOU, e2i and TP will carry out initiatives to engage students with the intent to raise their awareness and interest in personal development to enhance their employability. It will allow TP to tap on e2i’s wide network of partners, to gain insights on industry trends and developments through learning journeys, and to explore potential employment opportunities at employers’ networking sessions. This is intended to open up platforms to match graduates to employers for gainful employment. Community of practices will also be facilitated between ECG counsellors, polytechnic staff and e2i employability coaches to share best practices and coaching experiences.

The MOU signing ceremony which was held at InterContinental Singapore, was followed by a learning journey at the InterContinental hotel for hospitality & tourism management students from TP’s School of Business. The learning journey, organised and supported by InterContinental Singapore, is one of many upcoming initiatives to help broaden and deepen the skills of our future workforce.

Mr Gilbert Tan, Chief Executive Officer of e2i said, “We welcome and value partnerships with tertiary institutions because we believe in nurturing and developing our students to be future-ready. Through our engagements with the schools, we hope students will be empowered and benefit from e2i’s extensive industry networks to gain more industry insights to make a well-informed choice when they choose their career upon graduation.”

In order to stay competitive amid a globalised marketplace, it is crucial to develop a job-ready workforce by providing students with the opportunities to acquire foundational employment and employability knowledge. The MOU signed today signifies the commitment from both e2i and TP to strengthen efforts to provide students with greater support for a more structured and meaningful learning experience before they embark on their careers.

Mr. Boo Kheng Hua, Principal & Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Polytechnic shared, “As a Polytechnic whose role and charter is to educate and train the requisite manpower in support of Singapore’s economic, social and technological development, the employment and employability of our students and alumni is a key outcome as well as obligation. We are grateful that e2i has extended the hand of partnership to TP for us to be able to tap its expertise, experience and network.”