Firing up future skills for Singaporeans through Augmented Reality welding training to speed up learning and enhance career progression

e2i and Uniweld jointly bring the first of its kind Augmented Reality welding training to locals to skill up the workforce.

  1. 06 June 2018, Wednesday - Singapore can look forward to a new and innovative form of Augmented Reality (AR) training for welding to train workers in a more cost effective and conducive environment to attract more locals to consider welding related career pathways such as welding inspectors, supervisors, quality control managers which have good career progression and are in demand across diverse manufacturing and civil industries such as aerospace, construction, marine, oil and gas, and process engineering sectors.
  1. The National Trades Union Congress’ (NTUC) e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) is partnering Uniweld Products (USA) Pte Ltd to bring AR welding training to locals in an effort to push for skills mastery and lifelong learning as part of the SkillsFuture Skills Framework to promote skills that are in demand to address industry needs. Under the Labour Movement’s Training Council, e2i will work alongside the Manufacturing Training Committee to oversee the coordination of training and mobilising of workers as part of the Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) to bring this cutting-edge training to more workers and prepare them to be future ready.
  1. The need for highly specialised welders required in advanced manufacturing sectors such as aerospace, construction, marine and oil and gas require constant skills upgrading as they operate to meet stringent international codes which require rigorous welding specifications and standards. Through training, workers gain a comprehensive body of knowledge and skills in welding which serve as a solid foundation and open door to a variety of career progressions in welding such as welding supervisors, inspectors, and quality assurance (QA) specialists that cut across diverse industries. These job roles offer good career stability as they are critical to the safety and structural soundness of a multitude of end products in building, equipment, machineries and consumer goods.
  1. e2i and Uniweld jointly organised a first of its kind AR welding training solution MasterClass today, targeted at industry practitioners, employers and Institutes of Higher Learning, to share and demonstrate the use of AR and technology to address companies’ training needs.
  1. Through the AR welding training system, learners’ experience is enhanced through new visual layers of computer-generated enhancements and interaction such as digital images and sensations on top of the digital simulation and can receive real-time, immediate feedback and assessment to their welding skills. The system pegs to international training programmes to bring a comprehensive, engaging experience for learners. Compared to traditional methodology, existing lab infrastructure can educate 4 times more students and reduce 56% of real workshop time through AR technology. This also projected a savings of 68% of consumables required for practicum as now practice can be done through the AR training system thus giving learners more opportunities for improvement in accuracy through practice and learning in a comfortable environment before actual real practice.
  1. “Being the first in Singapore to launch the Augmented Reality simulator, we hope that it will reskill and upskill the workforce, and enhance the career pathway for professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) in the welding industry. At Uniweld, we aim to upgrade the skills sets in the industry. With this new form of training, it will help our customers to address the training needs and deepen the learning experience for their welders,” said Ms Belinda Bay, Director, Uniweld Products (USA) Pte Ltd.
  1. “It is an exciting time in job training with many futuristic technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) changing the way we conduct workplace training. This first of its kind AR training in welding will speed up learning for Singaporeans and provide them access to a variety of PME welding related jobs that offer good career stability across diverse sectors. The use of AR coupled with gamification can be a new way to engage the next generation of industrial workers,” said Mr Gilbert Tan, Chief Executive Officer of e2i.