Published in February 2017

As a small country surrounded by waters, many of our major activities depend hugely on the operations out at sea, be it the transportation of our daily necessities from around the globe or travelling to neighbouring islands. The Maritime industry covers all parts of such operations and is an essential part of Singapore’s economy, contributing to 7% of our GDP1.

1'Facts and Trivia',


Training and career opportunities and advancement are plentiful and varied in this industry. e2i provides funding support in maritime professional development programmes for Deck Officers and Marine Engineers:

  1. Tripartite Nautical Training Award (TNTA)
  2. CoC (Special Limit) Deck Officers
  3. Tripartite Engineering Training Award (TETA)
  4. CoC (Special Limit) Marine Engineers


 Tripartite Nautical Training Award TNTACoC Special Limit Deck OfficersTripartite Engineering Training Award TETACoC Special Limit Marine Engineers
How do I apply?TNTA Applications are open, register nowSpecial Limit Deck Officers applications are open,
register now
TETA Applications are open,
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Special Limit Marine Engineers applications are open,
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Training forDeck OfficersMarine Engineer
Key Functions
  1. Navigational and Cargo Watchkeeping
  2. Maintenance of Ship Structure
  3. Working with Multi-National Crew
  1. Engine Room Watchkeeping
  2. Machinery Maintenance and Repair
  3. Working with Multi-National Crew
Sailing RegionForeign-going International water (around the world)30 nautical miles away from SingaporeForeign-going International water (around the world)30 nautical miles away from Singapore
Types of vesselsContainer, RORO, chemical ship, tankers etcBunkering, passenger ferry, land reclamation etcContainer, RORO, chemical ship, tankers etcBunkering, passenger ferry, land reclamation etc
Training Duration31 months24.5 months31 months14 months
Certifications upon completionCoC Class 3CoC Class 5A (Special Limit)CoC Class 5CoC Class 5A(Special Limit)
Education requirementMinimum N Level pass in English, Math and ScienceAt least Nitec in Engineering Field
Eyesight requirement
  • 300 degrees and below
  • No colour blindness
No colour blindness
Application PeriodJan & Aug-SepJan-Feb & Jul-AugMay-JunJan-Feb & Jul-Aug

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 For more information on TNTA and TETA, click on the following link


 For more information on Special Limit, click on the following link