Housekeeping professionals and students battle for top spots at the Hotel Housekeeping Challenge 2014

Co-organised by the Association of Singapore Housekeepers, e2i and ITE, the Hotel Housekeeping Challenge 2014 is the first of its kind in the industry

On 23 July 2014, the best in the housekeeping industry pitted their skills against each other at the Grand Finals of the Hotel Housekeeping Challenge 2014. Co-organised by the Association of Singapore Housekeepers, e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) and ITE, the Hotel Housekeeping Challenge 2014 attracted the participation of some 30 properties (hotels/ service apartments) and five institutions.

Inaugurated in 2011, the Hotel Housekeeping Challenge is the first competition of its kind in the housekeeping industry, and aims to create awareness and celebrate the professional image of the housekeeping industry. It also provides a platform to motivate and develop housekeeping professionals, and provide experiential learning to housekeeping students. In addition to the bed-making skill area which was featured in previous editions of the challenge, this year’s challenge featured two new areas – glass cleaning and towel origami. Professionals and students competed in teams of four in the Hotel and Institution categories respectively.

Preparing Students for the Job Market

Joining ITE, which has participated in the challenge since its first edition, were four new participants in the Institution Categories – SHATEC, which were up against ITE in Category 1; and the Association of Persons with Special Needs, Assumption Pathway School and Metta School which competed in Category 2.

Mr Bruce Poh, Director & CEO, ITE, said: “As co-organisers of the Hotel Housekeeping Challenge, we are heartened by the strong support and participation of other institutions in the competition this year. We hope that the challenge will expose students and competitors to the realities, challenges and requirements of the hospitality industry, and be inspired to become housekeeping professionals in the future.”

Motivating Housekeeping Professionals

There was fierce competition in the Hotel category, where some 30 properties vied for six spots in the Grand Finals. First-timers to the Hotel category included Marrison Hotel, Pan Pacific Orchard, Regency House Singapore, and Village Hotel Bugis.

Said Ms Judy Tan, President, Association of Singapore Housekeepers, “Housekeeping is a professional career where one can be extremely creative and create wonders. I am excited that participants and the audience will be able to experience and witness this at the Hotel Housekeeping Challenge 2014. I am also glad to see properties participating in this competition for the first time. I believe that this will create more awareness and exposure for the housekeeping profession, and hopefully attract young talents to the industry.”

Making Jobs Easier, Safer and Smarter

On a daily basis, these participants leverage on their skills and technologies to make their work Easier, Safer and Smarter in the hotels. Today, they put their skills to the test and worked collaboratively to complete each challenge in the fastest way possible.

Mr Gilbert Tan, CEO, e2i, said, "This event is a good and exciting way to bring together companies, workers, students and trainers. Students and industry participants will be able to showcase their skills and pick up best practices from the trade professionals. e2i will continue to work with companies to tap on technology, skills training and job re-design to make housekeeping jobs Easier, Safer and Smarter (ESS)."