How I got my job with a ‘Visume’

How I got my job with a ‘Visume’

A great way to stand out from other jobseekers when submitting a resume is by also creating a Visume. If you have never heard of what a Visume is, its name pretty much suggests what it is – a video resume. A short clip of about one to three minutes in length, it serves to showcase your skills, background, career aspirations and you as a prospective employee to the company you are sending it to. Its use during a job search can really benefit you especially since it gives employers ideas and information about you that they would otherwise not be able to pick up through your written resume. And furthermore, putting in the extra effort in creating one speaks volumes about you to prospective employers.

Chong Ming, a PME in the IT industry who is in his 40s, had been experiencing difficulty during three months of job hunting after quitting his previous job.  His hopes were deflated until he attended a visume workshop. Soon after the workshop, he successfully clinched his next job with the help of a visume.

“I had no idea why. I thought I had good sessions with the interviewers. I was lost and getting into depression. I don't understand why the news keep saying Singapore is in shortage of IT talents but yet, here I am, with more than 15 years of experience and relevant IT skills, still cannot find a single job. I wondered is it my age, that they only want young IT talents. My confidence of actually getting a job dropped to near impossible.

I chanced upon the IT Fair workshop as I was looking at e2i site to see how I can get help. I then wondered what if there was something wrong with my resume or whether it was my interview skills. Having been in the previous company for 15 years, I actually had very little experience with interviews and resumes.

So I signed up and attended the workshop, with the objective of learning how to write a solid resume and to pass interviews. Over the 2 days of the workshop, the trainer showed us tips and ideas that I never thought of before. After the workshop, I totally revamped my resume. I did some simple editing on my video profile from the workshop and posted in YouTube. Then what happened over the next few days surprised me.

15 Feb (Mon): Workshop Day 1

16 Feb (Tue): Workshop Day 2; post video profile to YouTube; post revamped resume to job portals

17 Feb (Wed): A recruitment agency called me. I sent her my YouTube link and asked her to share with her clients.

19 Feb (Fri): Agent called and told me a client is interested to meet me for an interview the following Monday.

22 Feb (Mon): Went for the interview in suit and tie. It was for a technical position, not sales. So the interviewers were very surprised yet show impressed expression. I knew I already stand out among all their other candidates. Applying what I learned about interviews, my interviewers had a good time with me. At the end, they told me that I shall meet their boss for a second interview. Their HR quickly arranged for an interview for me the following day.

23 Feb (Tue): Went for second interview with the boss. We had a wonderful time just talking about technology. We actually talked for three hours! At the end of the interview, he offered me the job. I was totally surprised. I didn’t even have to wait for days to see this outcome.

24 Feb (Wed): I signed the papers. My new journey begins. It only takes less than a week since the workshop to find not just a job, but a dream job that I always wanted.

Looking back, I understand now why companies didn’t respond to my previous resumes which were lousily written. Also now I understand what went wrong with my previous interviews. So it's not that I lacked the skills or experience or that I'm above 40. It's just that I didn’t know how to present myself. Before the workshop, I was a depressed, disillusioned, hopeless, and jobless man. After the workshop, I found new confidence and I know exactly what to do to remain employable. No more the frog in a boiling pot!”

Chong Ming is now employed at a software company as a Solutions Architect earning a healthy salary. If you are wanting to create your own visume, catch some useful tips he shared in our next article, “5 Tips on Creating a Visume to Get a Job