Worker 4.0 Digital Readiness Certificate


What is it?

The Worker 4.0 Digital Readiness Certificate is a collaboration between, NTUC, e2i, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and NTUC LearningHub.
It aims to equip workers with key digital skills to prepare for Industry 4.0 transformations. There is one foundation level and 3 tracks that workers can develop themselves:

  1. Technical
  2. Emerging Technologies
  3. Coding & Software

After completing the 2 foundation courses, CoC in Micro:bit Applications and SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace, and the 3 tracks, workers will be awarded the Worker 4.0 Digital Readiness Certificate.

All courses, except SFDW, are 1 day courses with elements of face-to-face, hands-on, blended and mobile learning through ULeap.

This certificate recognises worker’s competencies in digital skills and enhance their employability.



Who will benefit?

Workers from industries embarking on digital or Industry 4.0 transformations will benefit from these trainings. By attaining the Worker 4.0 Digital Readiness Certificate, it will also increase their individual employability and value-add to the digital economy.


How do I start?

Individual with basic digital skills and knowledge (Possess ability to operate smart devices and digital communication platform such as email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.)


  1. Attend the 2 Foundation modules.
  2. Self-evaluation on digital competency and interest.
  3. Shortlist 3 courses from each track to attend.
  4. Complete the Worker 4.0 Digital Readiness Certificate.
  5. Refer to the Intermediate Level of BBIP to further upgrade individual skills.


  1. Work with e2i and the training providers to identify the workers to send for Digital Skills trainings.
  2. Package specific courses in Worker 4.0 Digital Readiness Certificate for their workers.
  3. Upskill and deploy trained workers in new job scopes.