Career Support Programme

What is Career Support Programme (CSP)?

The Career Support Programme (CSP) is a limited wage support programme to encourage employers to offer suitable job opportunities to mature Singaporean Professionals, Managers, Executive and Technicians (PMETs) to tap on the wealth of experience they may bring to the workplace. Employers must commit to offering structured/approved training to the PMETs recruited and fulfill other eligibility criteria.
CSP will be piloted from 1 October 2015 for a period of two years and is part of the suite of career services offered by Workforce Singapore (WSG) Career Centres and e2i (Employment and Employability Institute).

CSP is part of the Adapt and Grow initiative to encourage employers to support Singaporeans in making career transitions.


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PMETs (Professional, Managers, Executive and Technicians)
Why do you want to be part of CSP?
Have more opportunities to access mid-level jobs and secure employment
Qualifying Criteria
PMETs must meet the following criteria*:

  1. Singapore Citizen aged 40 years and above who is
    Made redundant due to retrenchment or actively searching for a job for a considerable period of time (i.e. unemployed for 6 months or more) OR
  2. Singapore Citizen aged below 40 years who is
    Made redundant due to retrenchment and actively searching for a job for a considerable period of time (i.e. unemployed for 6 months or more)
    *Proof of retrenchment/CPF statement for the past one year will be required
How to register?
For existing jobseekers registered with e2i’s career centres they will be included if they meet the requirements

For jobseekers who have not visited the career centres, they are recommended to visit us and have an in-depth employment coaching with our coaches. Make an appointment to meet a coach here.


How will CSP benefit me as a PMETs?

Under the CSP, mature Singaporean PMETs job seekers will receive more opportunities to access jobs that are mid-level and above. To facilitate their transition into new job roles, these PMETs will undergo structured on-the-job training or external training. These training programmes will have to be approved by WSG.

Eligible individuals are also welcome to search for their own jobs and can enter a new sector or remain in the same sector, as long as they have registered with WSG Career Centres or e2i.