Claim Submission for NTUC Training Fund (SEPs) - Employment and Employability Institute

NOTE: Wrong or incomplete documents will require resubmission.

Please ensure that you have the correct documents (max 1MB each, accepted file types are JPEG, PDF, ZIP). 

Please keep file names under 50 characters as very long file names may result in us not being able to download your document.

 Please ensure that you have SingPass before beginning your claim application.

You will need the following documents:

Tax Invoice / Payment Receipt should include:

  • Serial Number
  • Company Letterhead / Logo
  • Company Stamp / Sign off
  • Course Title / Course Date
  • Name of Trainee

Endorsed Training Certification Slip (Form A1) [Form]

  • Training Certification Slip should be endorsed by the IHL or Training Provider

Copy of issued Letter/Email –

  • LOE issued by e2i or
  • SIRS Letter/Email by NTUC or
  • SIRS Auto-Eligibility Letter

You will have 30 minutes to complete the Form once you login with your SingPass.

Additionally, please provide your email address in the form so that you can receive an automated email notification after submitting your claim.

Eligible SEPs who have submitted the required documents and provided the required information to NTUC’s e2i, can expect to receive their claims within 6 – 8 weeks** upon validation and receiving email confirmation from NTUC’s e2i.

**Thank you for your interest in the NTUC Training Fund (SEPs). Due to overwhelming response, we will temporarily require a longer time to process your claims (approximately 6 to 8 weeks). Thank you for your patience and your kind understanding.