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Sharpen your job hunting skills from the comfort of your home!

Job Hunting Online is a 4-hour workshop designed to provide assistance to non-executive jobseekers who are uncertain where the jobs are and how to apply to jobs online. The trainer will also walk through the different platforms interviewers may use to conduct virtual interviews. A hands-on practice will be provided for jobseekers so that they will be more confident in handling online interviews.

Job Hunting Online is conducted in English and is suitable for non-executives.

Workshop Objectives

  • Hunting down the jobs
  • Getting prepared for virtual job search
  • Managing phone & virtual interviews
  • Role-play

Who should attend

Non-executive job seekers who require the following:

  • A refresher course on quick tips on resume writing for temporary jobs
  • Need help on navigating portals and job apps
  • Need tips on how to ace a virtual interview

Workshop requirements

Participants are required to have the following items prepared on the day of the workshop:

  • A fully-charged smartphone
  • An electronic device such as a tablet or laptop
  • An earpiece to be used with your electronic device

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