Property Executives work within the wide realm of real estate and facilities management services and may be employed by public and private sector Building Owners, Managing Agents, Contractors and firms offering Project Management, Building Surveying and Quantity Surveying services. This programme aims to re-skill/re-train PMEs from other industries to take on this role
You will be referred to potential employers before the commencement of training. Should you be selected by the employer, they will support you for the training and offer you a job immediately. You will then undergo a 2-months full time training programme and can look forward to starting work immediately upon completion of the course. All career converted Property Executives will receive a minimum starting salary of $2,500
Eligibility Criteria
A good degree or diploma in any discipline from a reputable institution with ‘O’/’N’ Levels (Credits in English and Mathematics) or WDA ESS WPLN Level 5/
Registration of Interest
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