NETF Collaborative Fund

What is NETF Collaborative Fund (NCF)?

NCF aims to enccourage unionized companies to take the lead in helping employees (NTUC members) to upskill through identified training programs to enhance their employment and employability.


How Does NCF Work?

NETF co-funds training subsidy to support 50% unfunded course fees for unionized companies (capped at $250/mbr/yr) who meet the eligibility criteria:



Course ACourse Fees
Full Course FeeS$1,000
After 70%* SkillsFuture Funding for SC/PR$300
NETF Collaborative Funding (NCF) 50% of unfunded corse fee capped at $250/member/yr$150
Fee payable by Unionized Company$150

*Funding amount may vary and is for illustration purposes only.


NCF Qualifying Criteria

For Course
  1. Course must have clear training outcome(s) and identified by NTUC (Union/e2i) to be essential in helping workers to be Worker 4.0 ready.
  2. Course to be approved under NCF before unionized company can send their employee for training.
For Company
  1. Company must be unionized
  2. Employee must be a valid & active NTUC member throughout the training.
  3. Employee must complete training or achieve min. required attendance.

How do I sign up to find out more?

For unionized company, simply approach your Union or e2i. For non-unionized company, contact to find out more!