U Career Network

U Career Network builds a network of professionals, community leaders and partners providing support to help working people enhance their employment and employability. With the fluid and fast changing economic climate, it is increasingly crucial to help our working people stay relevant in their career journeys.

The U Career Network is powered by the Practicing Employability Coach Framework (PEC). With more than 10 years of experience in employability coaching to help Singaporeans, the PEC is developed to better support e2i’s expanded career services, which would help support the working people throughout their career journeys, from pre-employment to post-retirement. If you’re interested to know more about the U Career Network, write to us!

The U Career Network comprises of four groups of enablers:


Employability Coaches

Trained specialists to provide one-to-one career guidance.

Associate Coaches

Part-time / volunteer career coaches trained to complement the existing pool of employability coaches.


Employability Ambassadors

Build awareness and provide peer support at community job fairs or events. They are volunteers from youth groups, grassroots, and peer-to-peer networks to help raise awareness of employment and employability resources, such as labour market information and upcoming job fairs, and refer Singaporeans to career services.


Industry Mentors

Experienced professionals who can provide small group mentoring or industry related talks with their deep industry knowledge.


Practicing Employability Coach Framework

The PEC framework provides a structured path to improve and recognise competencies of employability coaches. It is a practicing credential to professionalise and encourage coaches to practice, deepen their skillsets and provide commitment to high professional standards. With all these in place, NTUC and e2i can better serve jobseekers and working professionals through all the different touchpoints.