The consumer services sector plays a vital role in Singapore’s economy, contributing 0.8% of Singapore’s GDP and employing about 180,000 workers in 2016! With changing consumer preferences & tastes, it creates a wealth of opportunities for F&B companies to innovate and harness advanced technologies.

Source: Enterprise Singapore

How does e2i support the Consumer Services industry?

School of Coffee

School of Coffee, the training arm for Kaffee Kultur, provides coffee enthusiasts and aspiring baristas with coffee appreciation workshops and barista training courses. Through the Career Conversion Programme (CCP), School of Coffee hires candidates and trains them in advanced barista skills such as Coffee Grinder Calibration, Food and Beverage Ideation and Preparations, and Customer Service. The CCP has allowed School of Coffee to gain a deeper understanding of the development and progress of their new hires, and improved the staff competencies or desired skills attained throughout their training duration.


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