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The Oil, Petrochemical, Energy and Chemicals (OPEC) cluster is one of the key drivers in Singapore’s manufacturing sector. Singapore’s energy and chemicals industry ranks among the top 10 globally2, with a total output of S$78 billion in 2015 and employs more than 25,000 workers1. With the majority of the investments into Jurong Island, our tiny state is home to over 100 global companies.


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How does e2i support Individuals & Businesses in Energy & Chemicals (OPEC) industry?

Workforce 4.0

In the future workplace a combination of Adaptive, Technology and Technical skills will help the workforce be 4.0, to be Ready for new jobs, Relevant with new skills, Resilient to new ways of working. Combined, these traits will help workers achieve better skills, and ultimately better Wages, better Welfare and better Work Prospects.

PIDA Advanced Manufacturing Framework

One of the training initiatives to prepare companies and the workforce to be future-ready is the PIDA Advanced Manufacturing Framework. This serves as a guide to companies and workers to acquire a series of critical Industry 4.0 skillsets to help them develop their competencies in 4 key areas: Process Automation, Internet-of-Things, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. The framework is aligned to various manufacturing Industry Transformation Map (ITM) and it recommends courses curated by various Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and Training Providers to deep skill and prepare companies and individuals for Industry 4.0 technologies.

BBIP Digital Readiness Framework

To help workers and companies cope with digital technology, the BBIP Digital Readiness Framework was initiated to guide companies and workers to acquire digital proficiency to help all workers adopt technologies used at work and everyday life. There are 4 levels of competencies, namely: Bridging, Beginner, Intermediate and Proficiency (BBIP), which is a step-by-step guide to help workers navigate the training landscape and tap on current courses available to develop their digital skills.

Companies can work with e2i to develop a training roadmap for their workers. An example of a training roadmap for Chemical Process Worker 4.0 can be seen below:

Professional Development Courses Course Provider Course Information
ISO 50001: 2011 Energy Management Systems (EnMS)
Auditor/ Lead Auditor Training Course (CQI-IRCA Approved)
Avanta Global Pte Ltd

Job Matching

  • We provide recruitment assistance through our job fairs as well as direct referrals.
  • We support businesses with various placement schemes to help train and hire locals to ` match the industry needs.
  • Some of the notable job fairs include those like Manufacturing Day & OPEC month. Please refer to our Events calendar for more details on upcoming job fairs.

Skills Upgrading

  • Upskill your workers and bridge skills gaps to meet the changing landscape through Professional Development through Masterclasses, training courses or on ULeap, a free mobile learning platform.
  • Upcoming courses PD Courses.


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