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As the digital capital of Asia, Singapore is the preferred base for Information Communications & Technology (ICT) firms, with a vibrant ICT ecosystem made up of global and local tech firms. Singapore’s strong pipeline of digital talent and robust ICT infrastructure allows tech firms to aggregate opportunities and remain digitally-connected.

Source: EDB

How does e2i support the ICT & Media industry?



The SCS Career Mentoring Session, as part of the SkillsFuture Career Advisors Programme under the TechSkills Accelerator (TeSa) framework, provided peer group mentoring, personal career coaching and career seminars. Read moreThe session focused on helping jobseekers gain a deeper understanding of their career development and be inspired by industry mentors to pursue their career goals. The CTOs from SPH and Voyager Innovations Singapore shared on the topic of “Digital Networking and Learning New Skills in the Digital Age”.

Professional Development

e2i has been working closely with NTUC LearningHub to drive continuous professional development, to enhance the capabilities of their trainers and developers through workshops on using technology and to enable the effectiveness of learning delivery. Read moreTrainers learnt the importance of coding and developed an appreciation of CSS and JavaScript. They also had opportunities to learn and practice coding using HTML5 in the context of adult training. This is in line with the Training and Adult Education (TAE) Industry Transformation Map (ITM) on driving innovation and deepening skills of the Adult Trainers and developers.


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