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Inside sales, also known as tele sales and virtual sales, is an office-based occupation whereby the seller is not required to travel and meet prospects face-to-face to do business. Sales is conducted high-touch transactions via phone, email, Internet and/or video calls. Inside sales selling is widely adopted and dominant in B2B, SaaS, technology, and high-ticket B2C transactions.

Inside sales is rapidly replacing field sales as the primary channel for many organisations. The shift to online, digital and virtual consumer behaviours and time limitation for face to face meetings have are some of the reasons why organisations find the inside selling method most effective.

About Inside Sales

Key responsibilities of an inside sales rep include:

  • Identify and create new qualified opportunities through creative outbound prospecting.
  • Manage sales and marketing outbound campaigns to qualify active buying interest and
    identifying critical decision makers to successfully position company’s value proposition.
  • Gain business knowledge through researching how different businesses operate, leadership structures, what their pain points are and the challenges they face every day.
  • To build relationships with potential customers to establish trust and rapport, nurture and convert leads to customers.
  • Be the expert on how the products and solutions work and how that would help the
    customer’s organisational goals and objectives.
  • Making 80+ outbound phone calls each day.
  • Work and leverage tools like phones, email, video, LinkedIn Navigator to connect and network with potential customers.
  • Achieving and exceeding weekly / monthly metrics (appointments, qualified leads, new
    contacts, revenue goals etc.)
  • Forecasting, pipeline, deals and opportunities.
  • Maintain the health of CRM data.
  • Report on relevant sales data.

Inside Sales reps can be assigned by product focus, solution focus, by industry or by markets. Industries that hire inside sales roles are SaaS/Software, Technology, Business Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Media/Internet, Insurance, Finance, Telecommunications, Transportation, Hospitality, etc.

Average monthly base salary can start from S$2,500 to S$14,000 depending on the seniority of the role. Most companies offer uncapped commissions, on target earning and other incentives for their inside sales positions.

Strong roles Inside Sales rep, Inside Sales Specialist, Sales Development Reps, Business Development Reps
Management Path Inside Sales Team Leader, Manager, Director at Country Level or APAC wide
Human Resources Inside Sales Recruitment, HR Management
Customer Experience Paths Quality Management, Process Improvements, Customer Success Reps, Technical Sales Specialist
Operations Sales Admin, Virtual Bid Manager
Marketing and Demand Generation Campaign Manager, Demand Generation Manager
Training Path Trainer, Curriculum Developer, L&D Manager, Sales Academy Management
Others Field Sales, Marketing, Operations Management

How does e2i support the Inside Sales industry?


New Hires Placement and Training

e2i has partners and appointed APACSMA (Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy) to enable Inside sales, digital sales and social selling skills in Singapore.

e2i and APACSMA have supported various Singapore registered companies to hire and train candidates on inside sales, social selling and digital sales skills.

Read more Companies benefit tremendously from skilled candidates who have received strong foundational training in Inside Sales and digital sales skills global standards. This programme combines all the critical skills areas to support today’s most advanced organizations.

  1. Place-and-Train for Inside Sales &/or Social Selling programme allows companies to hire potential candidates, get the new sales candidates to undergo 3-4 months training in inside sales, social and / or digital sales.
  2. The Professional Conversion for Inside Sales &/or Social Selling programme supports career switch to inside sales or digital sales roles. Candidates will go through similar training as Place-and-Train for Inside Sales.
  3. Companies get 4 months of 70-90% salary funding in addition to a heavily subsidized course at SGD 3500. This helps companies place new sales candidates, train them and support organizations defray onboarding fees for the first 4 months of hire.

If you are hiring inside sales or sales professionals whose job scope would include some form of social, virtual customer engagement, do take advantage of this Inside Sales and Social Selling programme.

Existing Employees Up-Skilling

For companies that use this program to upskill existing employees, they will be eligible for up to 50% course fee funding. Companies are welcome to claim other training funding from external agencies like absentee payroll to claim absentee payroll.

Industry Outreach/Awareness

APACSMA works with global industry bodies, groups and experts to educate, coach, provide learning journeys and community learning circles for Inside sellers to have a better understanding of sales and the inside sales industry through the lens of global companies and explore their general career progression and skills upgrading opportunities within the company and the industry.

For more information, contact APACSMA here.


To meet an e2i career coach, make an e-appointment now!

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