Industry Information

As part of operationalizing the Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs), e2i works with individuals and businesses from different sectors to provide job placements, professional development and productivity solutions.


Experience how ‘industry 4.0’ is driving the convergence of digital and physical in the industrial sector.


Marine & Offshore

Energy & Chemicals (OPEC)

Electronics & Precision Engineering (EPME)



Built Environment

Explore the exciting developments of the Built Environment cluster and shape Singapore into a vibrant, liveable city.

Facilities Management


Environmental Services



Trade & Connectivity

As Asia’s top logistics hub, learn more about the boom in regional trade and the opportunities available for individuals and businesses.

Maritime (Sea Transport)

Public Bus (Singapore Bus Academy)

Wholesale Trade

Taxi and Private Hire Car (TransportSG)



Essential Domestic Services

From healthcare to education, be part of building Singapore’s manpower development for a more caring, nurturing society.


Education (Early Childhood)

Education (Student Care)



Professional Services

As tech disruptions change the way we live and work, equip yourself with the essential skills to prepare for jobs of the future.

Inside Sales




Deepen your skills and ignite your passion for Singapore’s growing hospitality industry.



Consumer Services


Other Sectors

Besides the profiles featured above, e2i also supports the following sectors: