Contact Centre

Industry overview

Published in January 2017

Contact Centres provide customer service, sales, market research, collections, help-desk and quality assurance services spanning across industry sectors, such as Telecommunications (3%), Government (6%), Manufacturing (2%), Banking & Finance (19%), Transport & Logistics (8%), Healthcare (7%), Hospitality (5%), Training (3%) and 3rd party / outsourced vendors (47%).

Contact centres salary ranges from $1,800 to $2,400, with minimum education qualification from N-, O-, A-Level to Diploma and Degree levels. Due to the nature of the industry (e.g. banks and hotels), some contact centres run on 24/ 7 basis. Therefore there is a need to always have agents on the line, 24 /7, weekends and public holidays.


What are some key skills that a prospective contact centre employer look out for in a candidate?

  1. Strong language and communications skills
  2. Strong written skills (for emails, live chat etc.)
  3. Working with technology equipment and software
  4. Multi-skilling competence
  5. Ability to extract client’s request from complex information
  6. Problem Solving skills
  7. Empathy & Listening Ear


A customer service officer (contact centre) can look forward to career progression vertically (agent to senior agent to team leader) or horizontally (human resource, quality management, training etc.)

Examples of Career Progression:

Information from e2i-CCAS Industry Preview Presentation on 13 November 2016


How e2i supports Individuals & Businesses in this sector


  1. Spanning across 2 years, e2i has worked with contact centres such as HSBC, M1, Starwood Customer Contact Centre, Teleperformance, Comfort Transportation etc. providing over 600 vacancies.
  2. 3 career fairs are conducted annually to target individuals looking to explore career opportunities in Contact Centre industry.
Professional Development
  • Live Chat for the Frontline Technological advancement is shaping the evolution of contact centres and how contact centre agents adapt and work with the functionalities such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Live Chat etc. to answer complex queries and provide better customer experience. This course equips agents with the skills to communicate professionally with customers in real-time through online chat.
  • Team Leader Series V2.0 Besides being competent in technological skills, agents need to be equipped with management and leadership skills to lead and progress in their career. This programme serves to further equip contact centre agents with the necessary skills and competencies to take on the leadership/supervisory roles.

If you are an individual, meet an Employability coach



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