Education (Early Childhood)


The Early Childhood Care and Education industry has seen significant growth over the past few years and is expected to continue to grow in line with rising demand for early childhood services. A wide variety of employment opportunities are available in the sector to fit diverse educational and skills profiles. As of today, there are about 17,000 Early Childhood educators, and the figures are expected to grow to 20,000 by 2020.

Early Childhood educators hold the key to inspiring bright, inquisitive young minds and preparing them for life. There are many pathways for prospective entrants to join the sector via place-and-train programmes or full-time courses. There are also many professional development opportunities for incumbent educators to prepare themselves for larger roles.

(Source: ECDA)

How does e2i support the Education (Early Childhood) industry?

For Individuals



  1. Early Childhood Care & Education Career Fair – An annual collaboration between e2i and the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) that featured job and training opportunities in the early childhood sector. More than 10 employers offered more than 1,000 vacancies at the event ranging from childcare teachers, educarers and admin positions. The event helped to increase the awareness of career and training opportunities in the early childhood sector.

  2. Walk-In Interviews – e2i will be partnering with preschool centres to organise recruitments at their centres, targeting at individuals who have prospective employers in mind or want to work nearer to home. Suitable for individuals who have some knowledge of the training requirements and career progression opportunities in the sector.

  3. Virtual Interviews – A new mode of ‘career fair’ for tech-savvy individuals or interested applicants who are unable to attend physical career fairs can now apply for interview slots to meet potential employers without having to travel to multiple places. The first Virtual Career Fair was conducted in May 2019, with more coming up.

Professional Development

  1. English Language Skills Courses for Early Childhood Educators and Principals – In order to raise the language capabilities of Early Childhood educators, e2i collaborated with Regional Language Centre (RELC) for three courses – Essential English for Early Childhood Educators aims to improve English classroom language essentials; whilst the second course – English Professional Communication Skills for Early Childhood Educators aims to enhance professional communication skills.The courses allow educators to speak more accurate English to parents and to demonstrate key competencies to colleagues which uplifts their professional image and allow educators to also speak more accurately to the class, so that the children may avoid using incorrect language themselves.

    The third course, English for Professional Purposes for Centre Principals, was customised for childcare centre leaders to equip them with the language skills to navigate and communicate to key stakeholders.

  2. Managing Employment Relations in Relation to Regulatory Guidelines and Progressive Practices – The proper management of employment relations through regulatory compliance and progressive people-management is essential for a healthy workforce. However, smaller preschool operators tend to lack the necessary core HR understanding required to operate and manage employment relations effectively largely due to the absence of a HR specialist team or the failure to keep abreast of the latest regulations.

    e2i collaborated with NTUC Learning Hub Pte. Ltd to come up with a one-day course, Managing Employment Relations in Relation to Regulatory Guidelines and Progressive Practices, to equip preschool operators with the knowledge of new and relevant legal requirements of its policies and practices (according to the Employment Act, relevant employment laws and Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices); and ensure progressive people-management practices through the alignment of expectations between the Management, Principals and teachers.

    The knowledge will enable stakeholders and operators to avoid disruptions within the centre due to issues arising from poor HR management.

For Businesses


Productivity Solutions


e2i worked with Kindertown Educare Pte Ltd to implement a productive method of keeping centres clean and sterilised. Previously, manual cleaning and sanitising of communal toys, classrooms, and facilities required 2 - 3 hours daily, which was both tedious, physically strenuous and time-consuming for older staff such as the cleaners, as well as the teachers.

Under e2i’s Inclusive Growth Programme and WorkPro, Kindertown Educare installed Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV-C) lights at different areas of the school compound. Laboratory testing report has proven that up to 99.9% of germs on surfaces of toys can be killed with UV-C lights. The UV-C light is a non-chemical approach that kills or inactivates surface microorganisms that contribute to poor indoor air quality and the spread of infectious diseases, including mold, bacteria, and viruses. There is also a strong association between UV-C intervention and the incidence of HFMD in childcare centres.

With this solution in place, there was a reduction of about 50% in the amount of time spent for cleaning and sanitising; and about 57% in cost savings on misting services. Teachers can better make use of the time to prepare lessons, and work with children who are weaker in their learning and development. Additionally, physical strain on older workers reduced greatly as frequency of manual cleaning and sanitising will be decreased from daily to 2-3 times a week.


To meet the daily operational needs, MY World Preschool had to regularly make purchases of products and services, such as food, transport services, facility management services, and other small items such as stationeries.

Staff had to undertake a long and arduous process of sourcing for relevant suppliers (from requesting for quotations and evaluation to selection and eventual awarding of contract). For smaller centres without a dedicated procurement team, the onus may be on the principal or senior staff, which adds on to their already busy workload.

e2i recommended a subscription to EASI-Procure, a centralised procurement system where childcare operators can make purchases from approved suppliers at a lower cost due to the combined purchasing volume of NTUC First Campus (NFC) network and other operators

The system reduced the staff’s time spent on sourcing, evaluating and appointing suppliers, allowing centre staff to focus on their core work. The preschool also enjoyed 7% cost savings as compared to retail price, due to collective purchasing power. The curated list of suppliers was also able to provide quality assurance and reduce the need for staff such as cooks to do marketing frequently to purchase food supplies which require them to travel and carry heavy items.