Facilities Management


Facilities Management (FM) is a multi-disciplinary profession that ensures the functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, processes and technology.

Singapore has always faced with the issue of scarce land space, hence facilities management is an “evergreen” industry and there is always demand for manpower.

With legislation on green buildings and energy efficiency, the industry is also in need of skilled personnel with specialization in these niche areas.

The Real Estate Industry Transformation Map (ITM) was developed to ensure the industry can continue to grow and provide good jobs for Singaporeans. Multi-agencies have come together to develop initiatives to support various subsectors to be technology enabled, customer-centric and productive.

One of the main focuses of the Real Estate ITM will be on Facilities Management (FM) sector. Key Initiatives will be to design and build places with FM in mind, encourage use of innovative solutions and to build up local talent and raise professionalism and attractiveness of the industry.

How does e2i support the Facilities Management industry?


For Individuals


Train and Place Programme with Commitment to Hire

Property Executives work within the wide realm of real estate and facilities management services and may be employed by public and private sector Building Owners, Managing Agents, Contractors and firms offering Project Management, Building Surveying and Quantity Surveying services.

This programme aims to re-skill/re-train PMEs from other industries to take on this role. Potential candidates will be referred to potential employers before the commencement of training. Should one be selected by the employer, they will give support on training and make a job offer. Successful candidates will then undergo a 2-months full time training programme and can look forward to starting work immediately upon completion of the course.

All career converted Property Executives will receive a minimum starting salary of $2,600 as well as training allowance.


Eligibility Criteria

e2i funds companies in their productivity projects by encouraging the use of technology, to reduce manual labour in favour of higher value jobs. The Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) is an example of a productivity project that through e2i’s intervention, had benefited over 7,000 workers in the hotel sector since 2010.

A good degree or diploma in any discipline from a reputable institution with ‘O’/’N’ Levels (Credits in English and Mathematics) or WDA ESS WPLN Level 5.


For Businesses

e2i can help Facilities Management Service Providers and Service Buyers to navigate through the myriad of resources available to assist them in their operational and planning needs.

If you represent a business, contact an industry specialist to explore collaborations in terms of hiring, training and productivity improvements.