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Industry overview

Published in January 2017

The hotel industry in Singapore has been experiencing healthy growth since 2010. Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) increased by 12% (from $185.70 in 20101 to $208.80 in 20152) and Average Room Rate (ARR) increased by 12% (from $217.903 in 2010 to $245.704 in 2015).

The existing pipelines of hotels will add 13,300 rooms from 2015 to reach 70,500 rooms by 2018 and is expected to remain constant till 20205. Gazetted hotel room revenue for full year 2015 came in at $3.2b, a 0.8% year-on year growth6. With these promising statistics, the hotel industry is set to grow.


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How e2i supports Individuals & Businesses in this sector


  1. e2i provides recruitment assistance through our community and thematic experiential job fairs as well as back-end referral.
  2. Since 2015, e2i has assisted more than 700 individuals in finding jobs.
  3. Experiential job fairs in the form of actual work demonstration or job tours were organised so as to provide job seekers a better idea of what to expect on the job.

Professional Development

  1. e2i has been working closely with industry partners to develop training programmes for working people to up-skill.
  2. Several Place-and-Train and Professional Conversion Programmes were introduced so as to encourage and create ease for mid-career switchers to join the hotel sector. One of the few examples are Executive Development Programme and Service Apprenticeship Programme where trainees undergo 12 months training as management trainees in various operation areas.
  3. In response to the tight labor crunch within the hotel sector, e2i and various industry partners have co-created the Hospitality Specialist Programme, where we encourage hotels to re-look at the areas where they can perform job-redesign to create higher value multi-skilled positions.
  4. Masterclasses are also organised on a regular basis. These sessions brings in local and international speakers to share their knowledge with industry practitioners. Through these sessions, working people will be able to deepen and grow their skill sets, thus be seen as a more valuable asset to employers.

Productivity Solutions

  1. e2i provides up to 80% funding for productivity projects.
  2. Since 2010, the Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) has impacted over 6,495 workers in the hotel sector.

Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) Case Study : Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Most of the hotel operations are still done manually; which is inefficient and time consuming, as well as increase health risks for their workers. Crown Plaza Changi Airport Hotel tapped on e2i’s Inclusive Growth Programme for over 5 projects purchasing new productivity equipment such as security visitor management system, driver on scrubber, hydraulic bin lifter, customised in-room dinning trolley and ezi-maids, which make their workers’ jobs easier, better and faster for operations.


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