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Published in March 2019

The Marine & Offshore Engineering (M&OE) Industry Transformation Map (ITM) has unveiled in Feb 2018. It is a roadmap to drive transformation and capture long-term growth opportunities. It is the collective effort of the M&OE Industry Tripartite Committee comprising government agencies, trade associations and chambers (TACs), unions and industry leaders. Through the ITM, we expect the M&OE industry to contribute S$5.8 billion to our GDP and introduce around 1,500 new jobs by 2025.


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How e2i supports Individuals & Businesses in this sector

Inaugural Marine Week (03 Dec – 07 Dec 2018)

The week-long event kick-start with the Marine & Offshore Technology & Training Symposium at e2i followed by a series of professional development courses and trainings pegged around Marine 4.0 technologies and centred around our 4-prong training initiative. This inaugural Marine Week is the tripartite collaborative effort of NTUC’s Marine Engineering Cluster, e2i, ASMI, SSG and IMarEST to bring training and learning opportunities to company and workers.


Skills Strategy for Marine & Offshore Industry

The Skills Strategy for Marine & Offshore industry unveiled on 3 Dec 2018 by NTUC’s Secretary-General, Mr Ng Chee Meng at the inaugural Launch of Marine week mapped out the 4-prong training initiatives. It encompasses horizontal skills to cope with digital transformation and vertical skills to deepen and specialise in industry 4.0 or otherwise known as advanced manufacturing skills. They are:

  1. Digital Readiness Framework to raise digital literacy of all workers;
  2. Marine Technical Skills to boost technical competencies of technical professionals such as technician, engineers.
  3. Advanced Manufacturing Framework to impart the application and use of innovative technology to improve product and process.
  4. Masterclasses by overseas experts and practitioners to impart new capabilities to workers in the industry,

Download a copy of the Skills Strategy here.


Professional Development

e2i has been working closely with industry partners to develop training programmes for individuals to up-skill and progress in their career. For example,

  1. Masterclasses by overseas experts and practitioners to impart new capabilities to workers in the industry. e2i is partnering with IMarEST to roll out a series of masterclass in 2019, click here for more information. 
  2. A complimentary IMarEST membership to support e2i jobseekers transiting into the sector whilst looking for a job. Please use this link to sign up with offer code “e2i19”.
  3. A complimentary mobile learning app ULeap.
  4. Company-based funding support.
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