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With Singapore moving towards becoming a Smart Nation through the adoption of digital and smart technologies to enhance the way we live and work, robotics and automation have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Widely viewed as a game changer, robotics has enabled companies to cut costs, increase productivity, raise competitive advantage, and led to greater employee satisfaction and business growth.

Singapore has one of the highest industrial robot density worldwide1, and is progressively leveraging on robotics as an enabler in Singapore's service delivery needs through strategic implementation of robotic solutions in sectors such as healthcare, F&B, hospitality and logistics. To fully harness the benefits of robotics and automation, it is crucial to re-skill and up-skill the local workforce to increase their employability skillsets in preparation of these developments as the use of robotics solutions will create higher value jobs and opportunities for a more productive local workforce.

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1Source: World Robotics Report 2017 Industrial Robots,


List of Courses


 Course TitleDescriptionCourse PeriodDurationTraining ProviderCourse Fee Per PaxRegister Interest Here
1Professional Multirotor Pilot Course (P01)The Professional Multirotor Pilot Course is the foundational course of Garuda Robotic’s Professional Pilot Training series, and is designed to prepare participants for the Unmanned Operator Permit (UOP) test administered by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

January - June 2018

40 HoursGaruda Robotics

$1,482.50* (*After 50% course fee subsidy from e2i for Singaporeans.)



Robotics e-Guide for SMEs


Workplace of the future will involve working closely with robots. However, integrating robots in businesses can seem very daunting, especially for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) which operate under resource constraints. To help business owners adopt robotics, e2i developed the Robotics e-Guide for SMEs.

The guidebook offers insights on common questions and address concerns such as -

"Where do you start?"
"How do you identify where to use robotics?"
"How can you finance it?"

Download the Robotics e-Guide on the right now to find out how to overcome these challenges and concerns!

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