Wholesale Trade


The wholesale trade industry is one of the biggest contributors to Singapore’s economy, with S$47.3 billion (15.7% of its GDP in 2017). Currently, the industry employs 9% of Singapore’s workforce, and continually innovates to meet the region’s increase in demand for goods such as food, infrastructure materials and equipment, as well as smart devices. (Source: IMDA)

How does e2i support the Wholesale Trade industry?


e2i plays a strategic role in driving placement efforts and easing job-matching process in the sector through the Wholesale Trade (WST) Placement Accelerator programme. This is done in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Workforce Singapore (WSG), by providing PMETs opportunities to step into Wholesale Trade, ensuring relevance for Singapore for tomorrow's global trade.

The wholesale trade sector provides vast employment opportunities in various business functions such as Business Development, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Logistics, Procurement, Sales and Accounting etc. e2i organises various thematic job fairs for the WST industry, including direct referrals to the companies.

If you are interested to explore a career in Wholesale Trade, share with us your resume at trade@e2i.com.sg 

Professional Conversion Programme

Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs) are career conversion programmes targeted at Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs), including mid-career switchers, to undergo skills conversion and move into new occupations or sectors that have good prospects and opportunities for progression. The Wholesale Trade sector offers PCPs to help Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) including mid-career switchers, to undergo skills conversion through a structured on-the-job training for them to acquire cross-industry skillsets.

Through PCP, employers receive salary support for the training duration which helps to defray the cost of hiring suitable PMETs.

Find out more on the available programmes:  

PCP with e2i  

Digital Transformation Managers

This is a 6 months’ training programme which encompasses a series of closed group digital skills workshops, micro-learnings and collaborative learning support via a mobile application designed to prepare the PMEs embarking in a digital business development, marketing and sales position. Participants will be able to gain know-how and executional competencies in the below aspects:

  1. Best practices of companies who have successfully leverage technology driven innovations, digital marketing, data analytics;
  2. New digital business models to hyper-grow businesses in today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment;
  3. Design Thinking methodology used by companies like Apple, IDEO, GE, Pepsico and Airbnb to ideate new innovations; and
  4. Learn the Lean Start-up methodology used by successful Silicon Valley unicorns to find product market fit and hyper-grow businesses.

Other Wholesale Trade PCP available by WSG

  1. Southeast Asia Ready Talents
  2. Wholesale Trade Professionals
  3. International Trade Executives

Professional Development

To allow the public to better understand the career opportunities and adapt to the changing needs of the industry, e2i collaborates with employers and various partners such as IHLs to curate relevant content for workshops and masterclasses. This includes the following courses below:


DateCoursesTime & LocationCourse FeesRegister Interest Here

Executive Certificate in Data Analytics – NTUC Learning Hub & NUS Scale

An initiative by the NTUC Trade and Connectivity Committee, the 5-days Data Analytics Course is jointly conducted by NUS-SCALE (NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education) & NTUC LearningHub. The course aims to up-skill PMETs and enhance their resilience towards digital transformation. Participants will be awarded with an industry recognized Executive Certificate upon completion of all 4 modules:

Data Appreciation to Extract Business Value

Data Analytics Begins with Me

Data Visualization Begins with Me

Data Analytics for Managers

Starting June 2019 onwards

Data Appreciation to Extract Business Value

Upskill yourself to an Excel power user and boost job efficiency! This is a bridging module developed to equip you with relevant Excel skills to analyse data in business settings.

2 days

(9am to 6pm)
NTUC LearningHub

For Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents:
(excluding GST)*

For Other Nationalities:
$780 (excluding GST) 

* Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit and/or UTAP (Union Training Assistance Programme).

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If you are an individual and will like to explore a career in the Wholesale Trade, you can fill up the details and deposit your resume with us at trade@e2i.com.sg.