Inspiring! This mom returns to work after a 20-year hiatus

Inspiring! This mom returns to work after a 20-year hiatus

Nestled within an industrial area 10 minutes from Changi Airport lies a huge facility at Edwards Lifesciences, where employees work to churn out lifesaving artificial heart valves sewn by heart valve specialists. One of the employees share her story on how she overcame her anxiety of returning to work after a 20-years hiatus.

Meet Norhayati

Norhayati Binte A. Rahim, sacrificed her job in 1998 as a sales consultant in the beauty industry to take care of her family. Now that her children are older, she wanted to return to the workforce to occupy herself, reconnect with the working world and pick up new skills.

She started to apply for jobs and was only shortlisted by two companies for an interview. Being a homemaker for years and considering her age, she felt that her only advantages were her positive mindset and willingness to learn.

Back to Work Mom

Norhayati Binte A. Rahim, Associate Machine Operator, Edwards Lifesciences Singapore

“I applied for jobs but only two called me up for an interview. For one of them, I had to undergo a 5-day work trial to assess my dexterity skills working under a microscope. I didn’t do very well and couldn’t qualify. The other company asked me during the interview if I had past production experiences - which I did not have, and thereafter, I did not hear from them again."

Then through word of mouth, she came to hear about Edwards Lifesciences.

“I heard that they had very good in-house training programmes! I really dreamt of being able to work in such a good company and contribute to a meaningful product,” she added. She also observed that the company’s culture was very nurturing and they had good welfare for the staff. She prayed and hoped for other suitable job opportunities at Edwards Lifesciences and eventually, her prayers were answered.

An unexpected turn of events

About three weeks later, Edwards Lifesciences called Norhayati again, this time it was for another job opening - Associate Machine Operator.

"I was overjoyed and took up the offer, even though the job title made me quite anxious initially. I have almost zero knowledge working with computers, let alone machines! The first few months were very challenging; my job was mainly to prepare materials for the artificial tissue heart valves production and I had to work with a variety of equipment. I also had to learn how to use the computer, read manuals and follow the SOPs but I really appreciate my team and supervisor for their support and guidance,” she said.

“I really treasure my job here at Edwards Lifesciences and I’m grateful for the job opportunity, training sessions and good welfare that they have provided to stay-at-home moms like me to re-enter the workforce. I’m also proud that we contribute to manufacturing leading heart valve replacement technologies here in Singapore.”


Edwards Lifesciences

Image credit: Edwards Lifesciences (Singapore)

Did you know?

Edwards Lifesciences (Singapore) was a recent recipient of the “Partner of Labour Movement” at the 2018 May Day Awards.

It is given to organisations and partners in the Labour Movement’s network that have made significant contributions through collaborations, projects or initiatives of national impact, as well as promoted and supported the Labour Movement and its initiatives.

Mr Rainer Wolf, Vice-President & General Manager of Edwards Lifesciences (Singapore), receiving the 'Partner of Labour Movement' award from Minister Chan Chun Sing. 

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