IPC-J STD 001 CIS (Specialist)

Course Objectives:

IPC J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies, has emerged as the preeminent authority for electronics assembly manufacturing worldwide. The standard described materials, methods and verification criteria for producing high-quality soldered leaded and lead-free interconnections. It emphasizes process control and establishes industry-consensus requirements for a broad range of electronic connections. Certification in this industry-developed and approved hands-on solder training and certification program helps enhance employee skills and performance. In addition, if your company uses J-STD-001 – or is considering its adoption – you can use the certification program to address the standard’s training requirement. Both the CIT and CIS programs provide individuals with a portable credential that recognizes their soldering skills and understanding of this internationally recognized standard.


Course Outline:
Training Modules

  1. General requirements such as safety, tools and electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  2. Wire-and terminal-assembly requirements, demonstrations and laboratory
  3. Through-hole technology requirements, demonstrations and laboratory
  4. Surface mount technology requirements, demonstrations and laboratory
  5. General soldered connection acceptance requirements (including lead free)
  6. Test methods and related standards
  7. Statistical process control methodology
  8. Inspection skills

Who Should Attend:
Assembly process engineers, quality assurance supervisors, training managers and others responsible for the quality and reliability of soldered electronic assemblies are excellent candidates for the specialist program. Any company that uses J-STD-001 or is considering its adoption can use the program as well.

Date of Programme:
04 - 07 Sep 2017

09.00am – 5.30pm

16 Jalan Kilang #03-05 Singapore 159416

Course Fees:

How to Register:
Please register at: http://www.wizlogix.com/event/detail/ipc-j-std-001-cis-practical.

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