Meet e2i’s Employability Accounts Team

Meet e2i’s Employability Accounts Team

Find out how e2i’s teams coach workers to adapt to a changing economy and increase their employability, and coach businesses to transform their workforce.

By Jonathan Tan

We may be familiar with the role NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute, or e2i for short, plays in helping workers find jobs, upgrade themselves, pick up new skill sets as they transition in their careers.

But how well do we know the team that’s making things happen for workers behind the scenes?

A Personal Touch

To achieve these outcomes, e2i counts on the efforts of their Employability Accounts Groups. The group is organised into 10 different Employability Accounts teams servicing some 50 sub-sectors.

Each team consists of between seven to 14 members, each with complementary skill sets and a pulse on what’s taking place in their specialised sectors.

Specifically, each Employability Accounts team is customer-facing and focuses on two main aspects.

The first is in coaching workers to adapt to changes in the economy and to pick up the necessary skill to be relevant in their jobs. The second is in coaching employers to understand the changing workforce profile and supporting them in staff recruitment, training and retention.

A Peek at the Team

As teamwork makes the dream work for thousands of workers they support each year, let’s meet some of our colleagues from the Employability Accounts team.


Transforming The Workforce with e2i’s Employability Accounts Team - Jacklyn Lim

Jacklyn Lim

Senior Specialist, Consumer Services

Tell us more about what you do in e2i’s Employability Accounts team?

I am in the consumer services team, with my primary role centred around coaching jobseekers and individuals. I enjoy helping my team in their engagements with various industry stakeholders as it allows me to see the whole value chain of the good work that we do as an organisation.

What’s your favourite part about the job?

The favourite part of being a career coach is that it gives me the opportunity to deep dive with jobseekers; to help them re-evaluate and re-invent their career paths and guide them along to find purpose and satisfaction in their work while growing as individuals.

My greatest motivation is seeing my clients become more aware of the direction they wish to take in their career journey and steering them towards that goal.  You could say that I am a pit stop of sorts for my clients’ career journey, and I hope that beyond refuelling, I can give my clients an internal GPS to learn how to self-drive to their next career destination.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

I adore travelling, and I am especially interested in studying maps (Google Maps). I am excited that technological advances allow us to gain access to the world in this manner. I usually plan my itinerary and aim to learn something about each location.


Transforming The Workforce with e2i’s Employability Accounts Team - Cindia Tan

Cindia Tan

Principal Specialist, Transport & Logistics

Tell us more about what you do in e2i’s Employability Accounts team?

I have been in e2i since I graduated, servicing accounts in the security, transport, logistics and now, the wholesale trade sector. My work includes meeting companies to understand their needs and develop different employability solutions to help them address issues through the various tools we have. Aside from account management, I also help connect different stakeholders to initiate industry changes that benefit our local workforce.

What’s your favourite part about the job?

As a huge Harry Potter fan, I will summarise this with a JK Rowling’s quote: “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve”.

This is what differentiates my work and is my favourite part of it – in e2i, we can create and develop different solutions for different situations.

The journey might be difficult and challenging as stakeholders might not see eye to eye with what you are doing. However, the supportive culture here empowers staff to have the courage to push through ideas, even if the idea is new and seemingly impossible.

Not all ideas and initiatives will have positive outcomes, but there’s always a lesson. The open culture here allows management and staff to review and improve, and continuously enhance and explore new initiatives. This makes anything possible!

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

Since being “upgraded” to being a mother, my hobby is now being a part-time photographer for my daughter. My greatest fear now is to lose my phone, a fear I’m sure many mothers also share.


Transforming The Workforce with e2i’s Employability Accounts Team - Iris Chong

Iris Chong

Principal Specialist, Electronics and Transport Engineering

Tell us more about what you do in e2i’s Employability Accounts team?

I currently oversee the aerospace and marine sectors portfolio where I work with employers, associations, training providers and unions to close employment and employability gaps on the ground.

With the Government rolling out the Industry Transformation Maps (ITM), we are working to operationalise and implement the aerospace and marine ITMs.

What’s your favourite part about the job?

It’s having new challenges in every function, acquiring new skills, and working with new colleagues.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

I relax by watching movies, shopping and hiking. While I like mingling with friends, I sometimes enjoy spending time alone.


Transforming The Workforce with e2i’s Employability Accounts Team - Yeo Kia Li

Yeo Kia Li

Principal Specialist, Education Services

Tell us more about what you do in e2i’s Employability Accounts team?

As a career coach, I guide people in their job searches and help them understand themselves better as I match them to new careers. I’m like a bridge for them to discover useful career resources that could enhance their employability in the community. I aim to assist them in being strategic in their job search and in making informed career decisions.

I also emphasise the ways my clients can manage stress from their job search and the importance of self-care as the journey can be a draining one.

What’s your favourite part about the job?

My favourite part is being in the frontline with jobseekers from all walks of life, regardless of how challenging it may be.

Satisfaction comes from getting jobseekers to successfully upgrade through training, especially for those who did not have the opportunity to go far in their education. It also comes from helping them to become more resilient and resourceful in their job search journey.

What motivates me is the belief that I can help jobseekers understand themselves better and see the value they can bring to their employers.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

Being connected is important to me, and I gather joy, meaning and strength working and being with others. Aside from that, I love my Chinese teas. Hardly a day passes without tea for me as a hot cup of tea relaxes and rejuvenates me.

In case you’re wondering, these are the 10 different Employability Accounts teams:

  1. OPEC & Bio-Medical

  2. Electronics & Transport Engineering

  3. Built Environment

  4. Hospitality & Wellness

  5. Consumer Services

  6. ICT & Media

  7. Financial Services

  8. Transport & Logistics

  9. Healthcare

  10. Education Services