Six Capital and NTUC's e2i launch Place-And-Train Programme for aspiring FX dealers - this programme has closed

  • Intensive six-month training programme designed to groom aspiring individuals into professional FX traders
  • Supported by Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) and in collaboration with prestigious academic and financial institutions
  • Unique training model enables trainee dealers to develop technical, mental and emotional attributes to succeed as FX traders and attain Financial Markets Certification

Six Capital, a foreign exchange (FX) trading and training company that is focused on empowering individuals with skills to build a lifelong career in FX trading, has partnered the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to launch the Place-and-Train (PnT) Programme for FX Dealers, an intensive six-month training programme designed to groom aspiring individuals into professional FX dealers. The PnT Programme for FX Dealers is the first training initiative designed specifically for the FX trading industry, in line with Six Capital’s long-term vision to create future jobs in FX trading.

Under the PnT Programme for FX Dealers, Six Capital will recruit its pilot batch of 16 full-time Trainee FX Dealers (“trainee dealers”) by February 2014 to undergo its flagship Trainee Dealer Programme (TDP), a rigorous six-month programme designed to train aspiring FX traders. Recruitment is ongoing and response has been encouraging. Within two months, Six Capital received hundreds of applications and six outstanding candidates have been selected and are currently employed under the PnT programme. Each trainee dealer will be paid a minimum monthly salary of S$2,000 (70% of which will be sponsored by e2i), which will be adjusted on a performance basis after the six-month training period.

Mr Patrick Teng, Founder and Chief Dealer of Six Capital, commented, “The global jobs landscape has evolved rapidly and individuals can no longer rely solely on long-term employment in one industry. FX trading is one such industry that provides exciting opportunities for everyone to build a career and earn a life-long income. Through our unique training model and partnerships with prestigious institutions such as e2i, our vision is to create future jobs worldwide by equipping individuals with a valuable skill in FX trading, empowering them to take charge of their careers and financial well-being.”

Mr Gilbert Tan, Chief Executive Officer of e2i, said, “We are pleased to work with Six Capital on this initiative for mid-career professionals to transit to become FX dealers. This Place-and-Train Programme offers a good alternative pathway for individuals who are keen to join the financial sector. Such efforts will serve to raise the quality of the finance sector workforce, as well as achieve e2i’s mission to create better employability and job opportunities for workers across all segments in Singapore.”

Unique, high-performance training programme designed for building a career in FX trading

Through a structured learning process under the TDP, trainee dealers will acquire knowledge of fundamental theories and skills in FX trading. Their skills will be honed via practical hands-on trading in live market conditions, conducted by Chief Dealer Patrick Teng at Six Capital’s 60-seat dealing room at the SGX centre.

In addition, the TDP will equip trainee dealers with requisite mental aptitudes and emotional stability to help them succeed as high-performance professional dealers, via trading on demo accounts to sharpen their skills progressively while isolating them from the emotional stresses involved with trading real money. This will enable them to master an analytically-focused approach during trading to make small, consistent wins, while managing risk with precise timing for optimal entry and exit levels.

All trainee dealers will also be sponsored by Six Capital to attend the ACI-SMU Financial Markets Certificate course conducted by the Financial Training Institute at the Singapore Management University (SMU)1, a foundation programme to help them develop technical knowledge and understanding of the financial markets. This Certificate is part of the Financial Industry Competency Standards (FICS) framework, a professional competency quality assurance mark that will help to further enhance their employability.

Throughout the training period, trainee dealers will be evaluated via clearly-defined performance indicators. Upon completion of the six-month training, trainee dealers who display exceptionally good performance may be promoted to FX Dealers based on Six Capital’s career progression path.

About Six Capital’s Trainee Dealer Programme (TDP)

The 6-month Trainee Dealer Programme is a rigorous and intensive programme designed to train aspiring individuals into professional foreign exchange (FX) traders. In this training program, passionate traders will build their foundation by learning:

  • The basics of FX and how FX markets operate.
  • How professional FX Trading is done in dealing rooms of Tier 1 global banks.
  • Price Action Trading (P.A.T.) methodology from our Chief Dealer through Trade with Chief (TwC).
  • How to achieve small, consistent profits in all market conditions.