The future of learning is quick, convenient and continually relevant.
ULEAP (Learning Enabled through Active Participation) enriches learning communities through courses delivered in bite-size and trending discussions.

Launched on 17 November 2017, ULeap encompasses these features:

  1. Mobile and bite-sized learning
  2. User-generated discussions
  3. Just-in-time learning


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  • Applied Skills powered by Coursepad

    Learn functional skills and concepts specific to an area of work, such as cybersecurity, workplace health and safety.

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    Bite - Sized learning

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    Topics you can learn on ULeap Applied skills:



    Cloud computing

    Learn cloud computing through a case study on Amazon Web Services.




    Protect yourself from computer viruses, malwares, and learn how to set strong passwords.



    Conflict management

    Discover different conflict management styles and strategic leadership.


    Internet of Things

    Get started with Raspberry Pi, Smart Nation updates and Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs).


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